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YouTube downloaders and converters. YouTube is the web’s first point of contact for movies. But how can you get them or their audio?

Undoubtedly, the online video portal has a ton to provide even without the need of YouTube Downloader. However, there are a few annoying details with YouTube: the app uses a lot of data on the go. In addition, the application must be open all the time during the broadcast and it now includes quite a few advertisements.

With a YouTube converter or YouTube downloader stay away from these difficulties, simply because you get the movies quickly. What solutions alone give for that and if it is allowed at all, I will now explain it.

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The 4 Best YouTube Downloaders

If you are looking for free YouTube converters, sometimes there are questionable features waiting for you.

This contains, for example, the completely free YouTube to Mp3 converter. It was incredibly preferred, it could be discovered on many computers. At present, however, it is not recommended for a longer period.

The system not only includes a large amount of advertisements, which you can only get rid of with the paid premium version. The download speed is also greatly reduced, making a video take more than 10 minutes to download. Moreover, while downloading, you really need to be aware of the reality that adware and malware can also be set up. Therefore, I strongly advise against using Totally Free YouTube to Mp3 Converter.

But there are also reliable YouTube downloaders that even provide their service for free. I have tried a few. I will now present to you my 4 favorites.

#1 YouTube Downloader: 4K Music Video Downloader

in my belief it is 4K Online Video Downloader the best decision if you want to download YouTube movies. This app works extremely flawlessly and convinces with a wide variety of features. 4k Video Clip Downloader is available for different operating systems: Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, Linux and Android.

YouTube Downloader in Action: 4K Video Downloader

There is, among other issues, a good mode. This makes transforming video clips likely with a single click. You also have the option to download complete playlists.

There are different costs for 4k Movie Downloader. With the free version, you upload a maximum of 30 videos per day, which really should be more than enough for the typical consumer. There are no limitations on fees paid and you can use support without promotion.

Highlights of YouTube Downloader

  • no cost
  • simple operation
  • Download playlists
  • smart mode

Weaknesses of totally free variation

  • maximum 30 downloads per day
  • incorporates advertising

2nd zone: the NewPipe application

Of all the apps I use, every work day is new pipe Just one of my favourites. I started an experiment and was deprived of Google products and services for a while. That’s how I found NewPipe as a substitute for YouTube. You really won’t need a Google account to sign in here.

You can watch and download movies with the app. The realistic point is that NewPipe isn’t its one-to-one streaming platform: with the services, you access YouTube as usual and then can get entire video clips or just the audio. There are several formats to choose from.

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NewPipe is quite fast to use and provides many useful functions. The application is also free of charge and opens the offer. This suggests that the source code is freely accessible and can be checked for protection vulnerabilities.

NewPipe YouTube downloader is also completely free. However, there is a catch: the app is only available for Android.

NewPipe Highlights

  • completely free
  • open-source
  • ad free of charge
  • no need google account
  • Get in separate formats


  • The app is only available for Android

3rd slot: Invidious

You use staff, you are using a system of choice and do not have instant access to YouTube. This will allow watching the exact movies and subscribing to the channels without having to register and get a Google account.


The functional issue is that you can not only watch the movies but also download them specifically in mp4 or mp3 format. I also like that Invidious is completely free. As with NewPipe, the source code is also open source.

The app also convinces with other realistic features. For example, you have the option to show subtitles or change the playback quality. However, Invidious also has a weak point: the application has problems with live video. This can lead to complications such as long loading times.

Person’s strengths

  • no cost
  • open feed
  • absolutely free ad
  • many additional features
  • different formats to download


4th place: YouTube DL and YouTube DLG

Are you fit when it comes to programming? YouTube Advancement License Absolutely a top recommendation for you. This application is operated via the command line: there is no graphical user interface, the commands are entered manually.

youtube-dlg, youtube downloader

If you don’t really know it, better get it. DLG YouTube. It is the same support which has been supplemented by a graphic procedure. You can use it to simply download YouTube music videos, videos and playlists. This version is a bit stripped down in terms of features. Nevertheless, both selections of this YouTube downloader are totally free and open the offer.

Highlights of YouTube DL and DLG

  • both for free
  • open sources
  • Downloads are instantly in great quality.


  • graphic model with a smaller capacity range
  • YouTube DLG is not readily available for macOS
  • YouTube DL is only suitable for advanced consumers

When it comes to downloading from the Internet, the question quickly arises whether this is allowed or not. This is especially correct for YouTube. According to YouTube’s terms and conditions, the use of YouTube converters is expressly prohibited there. But there is a way out! If you do not register on YouTube, you do not have to accept the conditions and situations.

Some media advocates feel that YouTube is in no position to prohibit the downloading of copies for private use. On the other hand, what is illegal is the distribution of these downloads.

As with many digital problems, the challenge with this concern is that there are no apparent guidelines. You are generally moving into a gray area in which the vast majority of users are not processed. Applying a VPN for YouTube can also be handy, mainly because it protects your identity as long as you’re not logged in at the exact time.

Summary: Downloading YouTube Videos Quickly and Free is Doable

Now there are even YouTube converters and downloaders in 2022 that can be used to download movies quickly and effortlessly. During my check, I was particularly impressed by the 4K Movie Downloader persuaded. It features fast download and is simple to use thanks to several other attributes.

If you are using an Android product and looking for an alternative to YouTube, the NewPipe app is a great solution. Not only can you enjoy music videos with the app, but you can also download them instantly.

Remember to use movies or music for private use only. Works may not be uploaded to other platforms.

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