You can donate your old musical instruments to children


To do you an old instrument lying around the house? That guitar you bought when you were 16 and swore to learn to play, your child’s school recorder, a ruined violin that has been in the family for years … do you actually use it ?

The Ronnie Scott Charitable Foundation, in partnership with Music for All and Sistema England charities, welcomes all donations of musical instruments for children in the UK and abroad.

The donation program aims to make music accessible to everyone, especially those who have not had access to music education.

The amnesty event hosted by the legendary jazz club has been going on for a few years and has caught the attention of celebrities such as singer Sam Smith, multi-instrumentalist Nitin Sawhney, musician Neil Cowley and trumpeter Christian Scott, all of whom have donated in the past.

Anyone interested can email the Ronnie Scott Foundation to express their interest, then drop by Frith Street on January 22, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., to drop off their instrument, have a cup of tea or a glass of bubbly and meet talented musicians who grew up on Ronnie’s iconic stage.

Once you donate your item, you will receive a unique tracking number, so you can follow its journey and know where your instrument ended up. All instruments will be checked with the help of Music for All and Sistema England and then sent to children who have not had access to music education.

If your instrument is damaged in any way, you can always contact us as Ronnie’s will repair the broken items and bring them back to life for the next generation of musicians. The only items that cannot be accepted are pianos and organs due to their size.

To express your interest and learn more, visit the Ronnie Scott website.

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