The PSR-E373 is equipped with a tactile keyboard that accurately reflects every nuance of playing. Depending on how hard or soft the keys are struck, they respond instantly with the corresponding loud or soft tone. This feature gives players more dynamic control over their music, with authentic depth that makes any performance more expressive. It’s the perfect choice for music school lessons. The PSR-E373 comes with 61 touch keys. Its 15 additional keys further add to the playing experience, allowing for more complex musical scores.

Another great feature is the new LSI sound engine, which offers a stunning improvement in both sound quality and high-quality effects. With it, players have a comprehensive library with 622 instrument voices, including guitar, bass, strings, sax, trumpet drums, and percussion, as well as classic keyboard instruments like piano. and the organ. Players can also layer two different voices across the entire keyboard, creating an intriguing dual voice.

Impressive as well as the new Super Articulation Lite Voices feature that allows players to authentically reproduce the complex sounds and playing methods unique to certain instruments. This means that every acoustic nuance, from the resonance of a piano to the vibration and distortion of guitar strings, is faithfully reproduced.


The PSR-E373 additionally comes with a “DSP” digital signal processor. This feature allows players to apply many built-in effects to the musical piece and tailor it to their performance. By selecting a DSP effect, it is automatically added to the main part of the voice.


With the “Smart Chord” option, players can choose between two different ways to play, either with one finger or “multi”, which includes all chords and notes. This unique feature allows chords to be played using simple techniques, which enhances every performance. Players can also connect their PSR-E373 to their smart devices to digitally record and enhance their music. This also includes the Rec’n’Share app which allows players to record audio and video, as well as songs from their favorite music library and share performances with the world.


The PSR-E373 Online Music Lesson Package is available from April 2022 at participating Yamaha dealers. For more information on the PSR-E373 and where to purchase it, please visit the Yamaha website.

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