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The Reacher is based on the debut novel by British author Jim Grant, known as Lee Child, The Killing floor. It was first published in March 1977. Jack Reacher is a former military police officer who is portrayed as a protagonist in Lee Child’s series of novels, short stories, and short stories. Jack Reacher retired at the age of 36 from the United States Army as a Major in the Military Police. He is now a traveler who roams the United States and does not hesitate to find himself in the middle of dangerous situations and investigations.

The Reacher is a breathtaking eight-episode crime thriller series. The Reacher has only offered one season 1 yet, this detective fiction will make you want more. You can watch all Season 1 episodes of this crime drama on Y2Mate Amazon Video Downloader. In fact, this easy-to-use video downloader not only allows you to download movies from various OTT platforms, but you can also watch other videos while Reacher is downloading in the background. Watch Jack Reacher’s journey as he visits a rural Georgia town and sets out to solve a brutal criminal plot Y2Mate Amazon Video Downloader.

Amazon Prime Reacher Series Details:

Release date 4th February 2022
Original language of the series English
Genre Action, Thriller, Crime, Drama, Suspense, Crime Fiction
Based on The novel “Killing Floor” by Lee Child
Developped by Nick Santora
Produced by Lee Child

Nick Santora

Scott Sullivan

Don Granger

Christopher McQuarrie

David Elison

Dana Goldberg

Marcy Ross

Production studios / Production house Skydance Television

Paramount Television Studios

blackjack movies

Amazon Studios

Episode Length 49 minutes
Cast Alan Richson

Malcolm Goodwin

Willa Fitzgerald

Number of seasons 1
Number of episodes 8
Broadcast enabled Amazon Prime Videos

Reacher Series Ratings and Review

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Platform Evaluation
IMDb 8.4/10
rotten tomatoes 88%
India time 4.5/5

Reacher – Scenario by episode

The story is divided into 8 thrilling action-packed episodes. The story begins with Jack Reacher visiting the small town of Margrave, Georgia.

Episode 1: Welcome to Margrave.

Directed by: Thomas Vincent

Jack Reacher visits the small town of Margrave, Georgia to see the final resting place of musician Blind Blake. The day before his visit, a man was shot and later identified as Pete Jobling. It was the first homicide in Margrave in the last 20 years and the coincidence of Reacher arriving in town on the same day caused the police to consider him a suspect, and he was arrested at a restaurant. He was sent to the local jail with the second suspect, Paul Hubble. Hubble immediately confessed to the killing saying it was an act of self-defense.

Hubble opens up to Reacher and tells him that he confessed to saving his life and that of his family from a criminal organization that threatened him. After Reacher was released, he was threatened by the son of local businessman Kleiner. Later, when he returned to the police station, he was informed of the second murder, and in the turn of events, he discovered that the victim was none other than his own brother, Joe.

Episode 2: First dance.

Directed by: Sam Hill

Now that the investigation has become personal for Reacher, he teams up with local police officer, Roscoe, and Captain Finlay. As Hubble had disappeared after his release, they came across the third murder, and this time it was Police Chief Ed Morrison. Reacher suspects he was killed for not taking care of Hubble. Reacher attempts to investigate Spivey, a prison guard, but is attacked by two professional hitmen who allow Spivey to escape.

Episode 3: Spoonful

Directed by: Stephen Surjik

After being stuck in Alabama, when Roscoe returns home, she finds evidence of a burglary last night. Afterwards, they contact Molly Beth at the Secret Service, who is also a colleague of Joe’s and find out that Joe was on a secret mission to investigate the forgery. Reacher and Finlay continue their investigation and decide to visit Kleiner in person. Kleiner claims he knows nothing. Later, Reacher is ambushed by the same two hitmen, but this time he manages to kill them and finds Spivey’s corpse in the trunk of their car.

Episode 4: In a tree

Directed by: Christine Moore

After the evidence of the killers’ bodies was dumped in the Atlanta airport parking lot. Richard and Roscoe go to meet the ex-wife of the former Kleiner employee, Pete Jobling. Where they found empty AC boxes, which Reacher suspected had been used to transfer counterfeit money, they received a call from Molly Beth about arriving in Atlanta with Joe’s records on the case, but just before she could meet Reacher, she was murdered, and all records were stolen. It became apparent that there was a mole in the police department.

Episode 5: No Excuses

Directed by: Norberto Barba

Devastated by Molly’s death, Reacher meets KJ in the restaurant, where they argue, followed by KJ who gets beat up by Reacher. At the same time, Kleiner shows up and refuses to press charges against Reacher. Roscoe finds out that Teale fired her for lying and tampering with the files. Continuing their quest, Reacher meets up with his old, loyal friend, PI Frances Neagley, to find the hitman who may be Joe’s killer. On the other hand, Finlay breaks into Kleiner’s office and finds his dead body.

Episode 6: Paper

Directed by: Omar Madha

Finlay, along with Reacher, watches Kilner’s warehouse and begins following one of the trucks. While the truck driver pulls up at the motel, Finlay and Reacher have the chance to get into the truck and find out what’s inside. But it was empty.

Another Joe contact, William Bryant, was found dead, and to avoid another murder, Reacher rushes to New York to meet with Professor Kate Castillo, where he discovers that Kleiner was shipping counterfeit money to the client in Venezuela.

Meanwhile, assassins have found the safehouse where Roscoe and Hubble’s family were hiding, but Roscoe manages to get rid of them; afterward, Hubble’s wife told Roscoe how Hubble had been tricked into the illegal counterfeit money business and had been forced to watch a man be executed to keep him in fear and loyalty.

Episode 7: Reacher Didn’t Say Anything

Directed by: Lin Oeding

Police Chief Teale fires Finlay after the murder of another officer Stevenson and his wife. Now only one policeman remains that the Reacher suspects of being a mole, Officer Baker. Reacher went to the Hubble house to look for evidence and was attacked by the commando. But he manages to trap them and kill them all along with Dawson, who was Kleiner’s nephew. Later, when Richard goes to Picard’s safehouse to round up the Roscoe family and Hubble, he finds himself walking right into the trap with Picard, KJ, and Teale waiting for him.

Episode 8: Pie

Directed by: MJ Bassett

Reacher saw live feeds of the captive Roscoe and Hubble family and was sent with a Picard to find the Hubble family. Reacher manages to trick Picard into stopping the car and shooting him, but he escapes. Reacher finds Hubble, who accepts that he was working with Joe to shut down Kleiner’s operations.

After Reacher joins Neagley and frees Finlay, who was being held hostage by Officer Baker, they plan an attack on the warehouse, where Picard attacks Finlay but is killed by him. Roscoe ties up Teale and kills him, and after setting the warehouse on fire, Reacher throws KJ into the flames. After all the chaos, Finlay decides to return to Boston, and Reacher suggests that Roscoe run for mayor.

final verdict

This thriller crime drama from Amazon Prime is sure to keep you hooked for 8 episodes with its heightened drama and tension that revolves around bad-tempered ex-military official Jack Reacher. The story picks up when Reacher is suspected of a murder in a small town named Georgia where he did a little job. Although the end of the series is a bit cheesy and predictable, but the well-written dialogues and the strong character of the trio of Reacher and fellow detectives Finlay and Roscoe will keep the series suspenseful and biting. Besides the thrill, the series also offers solid action scenes and a perfectly inserted comic levity. We suggest that if you’re in the mood for an old-school action-thriller, this Amazon Prime series is an absolute watch.

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