Woodsongs staff distribute instruments to flood survivors


HINDMAN, Ky. (WYMT) – Woodsongs, a network celebrating local musicians and artists, was in Knott County today to distribute donated instruments to flood survivors.

All kinds of wooden instruments were ready for a new home, and hundreds of flood survivors lined up to summon one.

“I mean, there are a lot of people in the area who play instruments, and being able to get new instruments and have instruments replaced that people have lost, that just means a lot,” flood survivor Wesley Slone said. .

Some were eager for the chance to play, while others were too emotional to believe what they were receiving.

“Music is just life here, and it’s storytelling, and it’s just deeply enriched in our area,” said Katie Stiles, music teacher at Knott County Central High School.

After the floods that hit at the end of July, the instruments are a sign of hope for the future.

“With the floods there was a lot of hope lost in our area, and music has always been one of the things that has helped people survive the tough times,” said flood survivor Polly Fleming.

Instruments are also a sign that people all over the world want to help.

“Musical instruments came from all over the country, all over North America, even Ireland,” said Woodsongs executive producer Michael Johnathon.

Knott County Central music teacher Katie Stiles said she lost some instruments in the flood but has now replaced some.

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