What are the Tide, Sand and Solar Dream instruments for in Lost Ark?

Soon after beginning a game of Lost Ark, players will acquire class-dependent instruments, learn songs that harness magical powers, and eventually become traveling bards at the request of the many report subjects across Arkesia. .

With the music system and the rapport system as closely related as they are, it’s beneficial that players will soon be offered one of three instrument skins that each benefit their rapport relationships.

Tide, sand and solar dreams

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At the surface level, the biggest difference between the Sand, Solar and Tide instruments are the cosmetic appearances and the colors they carry.

  • Solar Dream — light blue
  • Tide Dream — pink
  • Dream of sand — yellow

However, when equipping any of these skins, players will notice that they each apply passive buffs to one of the three Virtues.

  • Sundream – +10 to kindness
  • Tide Dream – +10 Wisdom
  • Dream of Sand — +10 to Charisma

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The virtues, and why to be them

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Under the “Skins and Virtues” tab of the player character’s profile window are four virtue stats – Wisdom, Kindness, Charisma, and Courage.

In standard dungeon crawling gameplay, these four virtues do not apply any changes to combat performance. For the purpose of advancing quests, Virtues do not alter plot events or outcomes, although they can sometimes provide alternative dialogue options with NPCs.

Where Virtues matter, however, is the continued relationship with a particular NPC. Many relationship partners will refuse to pursue their specific relationship quests with the player until significant Virtue levels are achieved.

For example, Thirain’s report quest, The Bachelor, requires the player to have 140 in all four virtues to start. However, it will allow the player to continue interacting with it whether or not its virtues match the requirements of its quest.

In some cases, Report NPCs won’t even let players interact with them until they reach a certain Virtue threshold. Neria of Castle Luterra, for example, seeks charismatic confidants and will not get involved with those who do not meet her standards.

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become virtuous

To meet the ratio requirements, there are several ways for players to increase their Virtues. As previously stated, the player has a choice of an instrument skin, instantly increasing a Virtue by 10.

Characters naturally gain virtue levels by completing quests. Killing enemies often comes with brave rewards, while solving interpersonal problems through dialogue sometimes gives bonuses to Wisdom.

Raising the roster level of a group of characters can passively apply permanent virtue buffs to each character included in the roster. Alternatively, Virtue Potions sometimes given as Adventurer’s Tome completion rewards can be used as one-time boosts to a character’s Virtue stats.

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