West Lake Music at the Harbor will be selling vintage instruments and local artwork this summer

After a successful Patchogue year, West Lake Music is gearing up to open a new guitar and art shop in Port Jefferson.

“We’re doing well here in Patchogue, and we think we can do even better there in Port Jeff,” said Mike Watson, the longtime musician and entertainer who founded West Lake Music, along with several partners. “We will be in a place with a little more foot traffic, a little more crowded in the summer for us.

“Our little idea of ​​a smaller store, more of a boutique sort of thing seems to be working, as long as people seem to respond well to us,” he continued. “It’s a lot more of a personal approach than what you’ll get at department stores and guitar centers and all that.”

Watson said he hopes to open West Lake Music at the Port on July 1 at 208 East Main St. Once unveiled, customers and passers-by can expect a shop full of guitars, amps and other goodies. vintage and new music.

“We’re going to have 200 effects pedals there – at least,” Watson said. “I’ll have 60 guitars here, I’ll probably have 50 amps. We will pack it.

While Watson said he would wear the newer model guitars, he noted that he tries to put on vintage gear.

Watson said people can expect more than just musical instruments.

“We’re going to hang stuff from local artists on the walls,” he says. “I’m hoping to have a bit of a guitar and art gallery kind of situation. There will also be a lot more clothing in there, just so I have more stuff for people who are just passing through and browsing from out of town.

Watson, a longtime painter who likes to give away his art, said the new shop offered him “an odd next step” to sell his own works.

“Everything I had in Patchogue is gone, and people offered to buy it. But I would just give it away and everyone here would be yelling at me to give it all away,” he laughed. And I’m going to look around to (include) anyone else I know who has an artistic inclination and see what we can do.”

Among those with artistic abilities is another West Lake partner, Kristen McBrien, whose photographs will also be available for purchase at the Port Jefferson store.

The new music store and art gallery, which will offer guitar lessons and repairs, may not be Watson’s last.

“We’re just going to try to develop this thing,” Watson said. “If everything goes well [in Port Jefferson], we’re going to consider maybe going to Riverhead next year… and maybe Babylon. I have big dreams, and we’re going to make them one step at a time.

Featured Photo: File Image of guitars hanging in West Lake Music in Patchogue.

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