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This world we live in seems filled with interesting and amazing events. Some people call them coincidences, but when believers consider how the circumstances seem to fit together, the hand of God appears more clearly.

Several years ago we were about to go to the Outer Banks for a week’s vacation. The car was packed and I was about to shave, get dressed, and take my wife out for a glorious week of rest and adventure with our adult children. At that time, my cell phone alerted me to a new email. It was from a friend I had in federal prison. He told me about a young man in his cellblock who was curious about the Bible and became a Christian. Unfortunately, his family had cut him off because of the shame of his crimes. He was desperate and close to suicide as his father had never contacted him since he was a respected elected official. He was the mayor of a tourist town. Of all the vacation destinations in our country, this boy’s father was the mayor of the town we were going to visit. And the word came barely 10 minutes before we left! I knew it was no coincidence.

When we got to our beach house, I knew it would turn out badly. Any man who could totally cut off a wayward son probably wouldn’t be too happy with a busy pastor on vacation. I postponed seeing him at the end of the week. When I called his office, the secretary said he wouldn’t be in the next two days. I was off the hook…until she said I could have her home number.

I said a prayer and took a deep breath before calling. The father answered, and I cautiously introduced myself. I spoke of his son’s spiritual interests. I offered no judgment, no advice, I just reported. He said he would pass this on to his wife and he thanked me. Mission accomplished.

The following Monday, as I was going to work, I checked my emails and found a message from my friend at the penitentiary. He said his boyfriend had been denied early release and was on the verge of suicide…except an hour before he had received the first phone call from his mother in a year. She praised him for seeking faith and told him that his father had sent him his best wishes. The young man would be fine.

In life, God is perhaps like a divine conductor. He alone has the entire score of the opus to interpret. Those who play instruments only have our own music. We wait for the direction of the conductor to play. And we play for everything we have inside. I think my instrument is the piccolo, and I’m warmed up and ready. Let’s make music!

Dr. Greg Burton is senior pastor at Colonial Heights Baptist Church in Kingsport.

Dr. Greg Burton is senior pastor at Colonial Heights Baptist Church in Kingsport.

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