VideoSolo Inovideo Review – The Best YouTube Video Downloader For PC 2021

The best YouTube video downloader provides a convenient service for users to save YouTube video content hassle-free. It should bring high quality optional options and fast convert / download process for download YouTube playlists or single videos for smooth offline playback.

However, the rapid development of online video streaming business is also stimulating the emergence of new YouTube downloaders. So what is the best Windows / Mac YouTube video downloader? It’s hard to say which one is the best as different people have different ideas while selecting the right ones for them. But today we would like to introduce you to a reliable and professional YouTube video downloader for PC. That is to say VideoSolo Inovideo.

What is the best YouTube video downloader for PC?

Before we move on to the introduction of VideoSolo Inovideo, we have come up with several aspects that the best YouTube video downloader could bring to inclusion users. They can better guide you in choosing a suitable and reliable program for yourself. The main features of an ideal YouTube video downloader include:

  • Secure environment – The main concern when people choose a YouTube downloader should be safety. A reliable YouTube video downloader should not contain any viruses, malware, or fishing advertisements that may disclose user privacy.
  • High quality output options – YouTube supports 1080p, 4K and even 8K HD streaming. So when a YouTube downloader can come up with such output choices, it also gives users a wonderful offline streaming experience.
  • Smooth performance in the application – Software occupying a high processor would reduce the performance of the computer and even get stuck. For a good YouTube downloader, being lightweight with smooth performance would be a better option.

Why choose Inovideo?

These three aspects sum up most people’s requirements for the best YouTube video downloader. Based on this, we choose VideoSolo Inovideo as the recommendation, which could meet all these criteria and even surprise users with more amazing features.

VideoSolo Inovideo provides an intuitive interface with easy-to-grasp online video downloading functions. More than YouTube, Inovideo can also help you record streaming videos from other popular sites including Facebook, Twitter, CNN, etc.

Highlighted features of Inovideo

What makes Inovideo exceptional and attractive? These featured features of Inovideo couldn’t be missed.

# 1. High output resolutions

Inovideo guarantees the best quality in offline video streaming, so it offers the highest output resolutions including HD, 4K and even 8K for encoding YouTube videos.

# 2. YouTube playlist and subtitle download function

Inovideo not only supports downloading high quality YouTube videos, but is also available for download YouTube playlists. When it detects the subtitle options of a video, it brings such output choices and allows users to keep the subtitle files offline.

# 3. Batch conversion

To save users time, Inovideo allows users to batch convert videos and download multiple tasks at once. It improves efficiency and saves a lot of time when downloading YouTube videos one by one.

# 4. Audio to MP3 converter

If you need to convert YouTube audio to MP3 format, Inovideo allows you to extract soundtracks from YouTube videos and provides the highest 320kbps to encode the audio files for high quality offline streaming. So you are available to keep the latest music videos in MP3 format at any time.

# 5. Simple operating process

Inovideo is designed with an intuitive interface. Users can easily learn how to use the software to download videos online because it does not define any complicated procedures. Even a green thumb can master this software after using it once or twice.


Inovideo offers a free trial (15 days). During this period, users can enjoy the download service at no cost. Currently, Inovideo is available for installation on Windows and Mac. The download link is provided here for you to start its free trial:

Download on Windows

Download on Mac

When the free trial expires, you can subscribe to the registered version and continue downloading high quality videos with Inovideo. Inovideo’s price is:

  • One-month subscription: $ 9.95 on 1 PC
  • One-year subscription: US $ 29.95 on 1 PC
  • Family license: US $ 49.95 on 3 PCs

To note: If you subscribe to the monthly or annual plan, when the plan expires, it will renew automatically. You can contact the Inovideo support team to help you cancel the subscription at any time.

Start with Inovideo

When you learn more about Inovideo, you can start using it to download your first YouTube video now! Follow the simple guide below to see how Inovideo works.

1. How do I create a free Inovideo account?

Each user can try the Inovideo free trial before purchasing the registered version. After installing Inovideo on your Windows / Mac computer, launch Inovideo and a registration window will appear. Tap “Order Later” and you can start using the free trial immediately.

2. How to download your first YouTube video?

When you start using Inovideo, you can start downloading the first YouTube video for offline playback. Users only need to follow the steps below to save videos from YouTube.

STEP 1. Go to YouTube and open the video page for the video you need to download through Inovideo. Then copy its URL from the address bar.

2ND STEP. Launch Inovideo on your desktop, then paste the URL of the YouTube video into the input box. After that, tap on “Analyze” icon to start converting the video.

STEP 3. When output choices are available, select the output format and quality to save the video offline. Finally, click “Download” to start downloading the YouTube video.

VideoSolo Inovideo Provides users with convenient and easy download service to save YouTube video / audio for offline playback without encountering internet trouble. Its simple interface, simple functions and fast performance can all be attractive points to grab the attention of users. Try Inovideo!

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