VideoDuke: Mac Video Downloader Review

Have you ever been on Twitter or YouTube and thought to yourself, ‘How do I get this awesome video on my computer? Well, you’re in luck because I have the perfect solution for you. VideoDuke! VideoDuke is a video downloader software application that will allow you to download all your favorite videos. VideoDuke is the perfect one Twitter Video Downloader tool. Let me tell you how easy it is to download using VideoDuke. With their simple mode, you can record just about any form of content you can imagine. From movies and music videos to your favorite TV shows.

VideoDuke allows you to download videos from YouTube, Facebook and, as we mentioned above, Twitter. The app allows video formats ranging from 3GP to MP4 and you can download in all resolutions including 4K. All you need to do is copy and paste the URL of your desired video into VideoDuke’s search tab. Once you hit search, allow time for the video to display and within minutes your video will be ready to download. It’s as simple as that ! But there is so much more to VideoDuke, and the software is extremely user-friendly. Some of the features include

  • Browser Mode – Allows you to search for videos directly in the downloader window
  • Quick Access – You can open sites like YouTube directly from the main app window
  • Browser Integration – You can integrate VideoDuke into your favorite browser
  • Dual-mode performance – Use simple or advanced mode for managing downloads

Eltima’s software works with multiple websites, including YouTube and Twitter, but also Vimeo, Instagram, Reddit, LiveLeak, 123Movies, Vevo, MySpace, tumblr, etc. The video downloader The bookmarks panel gives you direct access to those favorite websites and you can download the video you want to browse from there. You can view them online or offline and you never have to worry about dealing with bandwidth issues or chewing on that precious data. We know how stingy internet service providers can be when it comes to using too much data.

You can save your entire YouTube playlist on your Mac device and get crystal clear 4K resolution up to 8K. Downloading these types of fixes is no problem when it comes to VideoDuke. With VideoDuke, users can even download an entire YouTube channel so that you can stream the videos from VideoDuke to your Mac device.

VideoDuke also allows you to download MP3 files and you can even extract audio from a video using the software so that you don’t have to download the entire video. Isn’t this software great ?! You can download both video and audio using just one app. No need to switch between different apps or those that don’t offer the quality of VideoDuke.

We mentioned the simple mode but VideoDuke also offers the advanced mode. With this mode, you can download all media files from any URL you want. You can get video audio, flash animation, all images used, closed captions and much more.

When you download the app for the first time, you can choose the mode that works best for you. You can use simple mode and start downloading all those awesome videos you’ve watched or you can switch to advanced mode and play with some of the more robust features VideoDuke has to offer. Do you just want to download videos for fun or do you need to go a step further and grab that audio background for a special project? Maybe you need the whole package and want all the info that came with the video, the advanced mode is here.

VideoDuke has a free option which allows you to test it and download 2 free videos in the demo version. The software itself costs $ 19.95 for a personal license or you can register and share the software with your family and get the special Family Pack license for $ 39.95. They also offer lifetime upgrades for an additional $ 9.95 and urgent support for $ 15 per year. VideoDuke runs on Mac OS X 10.10+

We believe this is a must-have for those who want to retrieve videos on the go, and we hope this brief review helps you make your choice a little easier.

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