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Downloading videos online is fun, but only when you have access to the right means of downloading. With online multi-function video downloader apps, confusion is inevitable, but the majority voted in favor of VideoDuke. This is an HD video downloader app for Mac, and believe it or not, it has everything to satisfy your downloading needs.

VideoDuke is great; you know why everyone says it, simply because it has too much to offer its users. Using this video downloader tool, you can download not only the videos but also the audio files, and also convert the video files to audio format. Learn the details below;

  • Download MP3– VideoDuke works in two modes, advanced mode and simple mode. The simple mode allows you to download the video file by copying the URL, but while you are using the advanced mode, you can see the availability of MP3 files on various websites you visit, which you could possibly save on your device.
  • Convert files– This smart video downloader tool allows you to convert the video file to audio format which is a very rare feature as far as other video downloaders go. For conversion, open the video link using the VideoDuke app, click the “Audio” tab, click the “download” button, and voila! Your YouTube video file is now saved in MP3 audio format.
  • extract sound– To extract audio from video file, VideoDuke is people’s first choice. This tool allows you to perform several functions at once, including recording only the audio file instead of the entire video for a particular track. All you need to do is search audio directly from the app, extract .mp3 audio from .mp4 and you are good to go.

Travel with your favorite movies, TV shows and cartoons!

This incredible mac video downloader is a one stop shop for all entertainment needs, why only short videos or soundtracks, using VideoDuke app you can download entire movies, TV shows of your choice and watch them on the go, even when you don’t have an internet connection. The advanced mode of the VideoDuke app allows you to upload audio, artwork, subtitles, and even JavaScript, and it’s just amazing. Here is how you will be able to download;

  • Download and install VideoDuke which is of course the first step to start using this versatile video downloader.
  • You must have the paid version of the tool, which is the only way to use the advanced mode of this downloader.
  • The next step includes navigating to the source website, such as Netflix, for your favorite TV show.
  • Copy the URL of the TV show you want to download, paste it into the search tab of VideoDuke for downloading.
  • Click download, VideoDuke will automatically start rendering the video, which will eventually appear in the video tab. In addition, when recording, you will have the option to select the resolution and file type according to your preferences.
  • The downloaded video will appear in the app’s downloads folder.

Friendly but professional!

Video downloaders used by professionals are usually not user-friendly, a person must have proper training to use the tool. Do you have the same impression so far? If so, you need to think about it again and find yourself VideoDuke to do the rest. VideoDuke offers multiple features to its users, it is user-friendly, requires comparatively less space on your Mac and never disappoints you when you are in a hurry. We say this because;

  • VideoDuke can be used as an alternative to your web browser, which means you can directly search for desired videos from this application. You don’t necessarily have to always copy the URL from one website and paste it on the other. Search via VideoDuke.
  • This tool allows quick access to different websites, or you can say one-click access. Access the main application window and with just one click access source websites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc.
  • Another feature allows you to bookmark your most used web pages. It saves you a lot of time and energy, because remember that we focus on fast results.
  • You will always have access to VideoDuke’s download history. This again allows for quick actions.
  • You can easily embed the VideoDuke app from your favorite web browser and add to its bookmarks, it helps you avoid complicated clicks.

VideoDuke has made its special place in the online world, and people who have ever used it know the true quality of the product. This video downloader app may seem a bit pricey, but trust the experts, convenience and multiple features make it a must-have.

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