Trey Anastasio shares an educational music lesson on Instagram

picture by Jake Silco

Trey Anastasio took to Instagram to share a nearly 20-minute free music lesson for budding young musicians. The Phish guitarist started the video by saying that many instruction books and introductory videos leave out the basics and can be overly complicated and that he was excited to use social media for something good.

“I go to bed early because I can’t wait to wake up and play guitar in the morning. I wish everyone had that feeling, so maybe I can help with that,” Anastasio said.

The lesson focused on rhythm division. “If you’re a parent or child watching this, I highly recommend you consider drum lessons,” he shared. He then shared a sweet anecdote about his first drum teacher who told him to play the pillow for a year and warned his parents of the dangers in a musician’s life.

Then he pulled out a metronome and broke down time signatures, exploring 4/4 time, triplets, eighth note triplets, fives, sevens and more. For homework, Anastasio recommended viewers listen to Billy Holiday, JJ Cale and D’Angelo’s album Voodoo, all fine examples of artists playing on the backbeat. He also shared that the most important thing a musician can do is love music first and listen to everyone and everything.


Anastasio has since shared three more lessons, exploring “Reflections on Composition”, “From C to Shining C” and “Morning Routine”. All are available on the artist’s Instagram page.

Watch Anastasio’s first music lesson below:

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