TiDown The Tide Song Downloader Removed By “Illegal” DMCA Notice

There is no longer a free tide here.

TiDown, your user-friendly, daily Tidal download tool designed to help you (illegally) download Tidal songs has been closed by Tidal. This comes a few days after its official release on GitHub.

Talk with TorrentFreak, German teen coder Lordmau5 said:

I recently looked at a few potential APIs and found that getting the stream / offline url for leads is very straightforward. [from TIDAL] and … well … that’s where the coding started. “

The TiDown tool was a command line tool. But the images posted by Lordmau5 on imgur allowed users to quickly figure out how to find albums, tracks and playlists, copy and paste them in the command line prompt. So this is it ! High quality tidal music served right to your desktop.

How did TiDown actually work? Much easier than you might think. Lordmau5 said,

This is an actual downloader. You log into TIDAL through the tool and get the direct “feed urls” which can then be downloaded.

Lordmau5 was an experienced programmer before releasing TiDown. He has previously took out a tool back in March to download MP3s from Spotify, available for free on his GitHub.

With TiDown, Lordmau5 had apparently faced trolling from people who thought he hadn’t created a working downloader for the service. His answer ? He created “the oldest possible site” with those old “trashy” promotion videos on YouTube.

TiDown Downloader Site Campy

The DMCA Smackdown.

Lordmau5 was hoping for a free month without an app. The reason? “It’s the free trial of TIDAL,” he said.

If you head over to the official TiDown GitHub, you’ll find a simple DMCA post. The official forum post shows that Reed Smith, LLP requested the takedown on behalf of Tidal. The accusation?

User-supplied code can be used to bypass access controls to copyrighted works. “

Lordmau5 recently told TorrentFreak that he does not intend to fight the DMCA, which is wrong on a technicality.

The DMCA request says I would have used their source code, which is not true. So * technically * the DMCA is illegal and I could sue them for it. However, since I don’t have or know of a lawyer in this area, and it would cost a fortune to pay the fees, I’ll just let it go for now.

Image courtesy of Donald Ogg, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC by 2.0) license

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