TIDAL School of Music aims to create a new generation of kids who can identify Miles Davis and read a map

This should have happened a long time ago, but better late than never. TIDAL is clearly aware that the next generation of music listeners are educated on TikTok and their exposure to the past 100 years of listen-worthy music is rather limited.

If we are to develop the next generation of audiophiles or sound-conscious consumers, that will only happen if we expand their minds to a much larger world and to the composers, songwriters and musicians who preceded Drake and DJ Khalid.

We also really like the focus on world music and teaching kids around the world and where a lot of great music comes from.

Our education system has failed miserably for this purpose and anything that helps children locate Tel Aviv, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires and Prague on a map is a great idea.


Launching global music and entertainment streaming service TIDAL today Music schoola new learning hub that offers subscribers captivating playlists inspired by unique genres and geographies.

Content from the new Learning Center will expand TIDAL’s existing 101 playlist series, highlighting the origins and history of the music and instruments that shape today’s most popular sounds.

The TIDAL School of Music will host TIDAL’s carefully curated editorial content, designed to expand members’ knowledge and appreciation across all genres. Members can expect playlists to be regularly updated and expanded.

Music School Hub Components:

FOR KIDS: Playlists that offer introductions to musical genres (without explicit language/theme) for children through fun and engaging songs, including classics such as “Life Is a Highway” by Rascal Flatts, “Try Everything” by Shakira, ” U Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer, and more!

genre for beginners: 20 foundational tracks from all major genres including Country, Metal, Dance, K-Pop, Folk & Americana.

GEOGRAPHY FOR BEGINNERS: 20 tracks from markets around the world selected by local publishers to serve as an introduction to music from around the world, including Croatia, Brazil, Ireland, Canada, and more.

DIVE DEEPER: Playlists that serve as an introduction to more than 90 subgenres, from Drill Rap (“Welcome to the Party” by Pop Smoke) to Latin Jazz (“Mambo Gozon” by Tito Puente) via Death Metal (“Slowly We Rot” from Obituary).

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MUSICOLOGY: Playlists that explore how famous instruments, like the Gibson SG guitar, Fender Rhodes electric piano, and even the cowbell, have been used in music over the decades, across all genres. Songs featured in this category include Van Halen’s “Dance The Night Away”, AC/DC’s “Back In Black”, Stevie Wonder’s “All I Do”, and more!

“As musical trends change, the fundamental sounds highlighted in these playlists will continue to shape music for years to come. As listeners, knowing this story builds a deeper appreciation and elevates the connection between artists and fans,” said Tony Gervino, TIDAL’s Executive Vice President and Editor-in-Chief for Programming and Editorial. “Through content like Music School, we’re doubling down on our mission to prioritize to artists and music fans by creating new ways to listen to and experience new music.”

Music School is TIDAL’s latest back-to-school offering. On August 15, TIDAL launched a series of curated playlists centered around various mental health issues people may experience during the back-to-school season, including find the words, The best is yet to comeand You will be fine to help people of all ages during this time.

TIDAL offers music lovers unlimited access to a massive catalog of over 90 million titles across all genres, 450,000 music videos, thousands of playlists carefully curated by TIDAL’s seasoned editorial team, and hundreds of live events. direct.

Music fans can access TIDAL through a range of membership options including; Free with a minimum of interruptions, Hifi stereo with uninterrupted access to HiFi sound quality and offline capabilities, and Hi-Fi More which also provides access to best-in-class immersive sound formats.

Learn more about TIDAL and subscribe at tide.com.

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