The Seven Dreams Foundation raises funds for new instruments

10:00 AM | Saturday March 26, 2022

Online learning during the pandemic has meant that many students have started behind in school music programs like orchestra and band. This is one of the reasons behind an ambitious fundraising campaign by the Seven Dreams Foundation.

“We raise funds to support the work of the Seven Dreams Education Foundation, as well as one major project each year,” explained Diane Dickmeyer of the Foundation. “This year’s project is focused on revitalizing music in our neighborhood, especially bands and orchestras.”

The Seven Dreams Foundation raises funds for new instruments and other musical projects for schools in the Robbinsdale area. More than half of Robbinsdale Orchestra and Band students use district instruments and there are not enough for everyone.

“We’re really excited to do this, as it has a long-term benefit for the students and for the teachers,” said Patsy Green, also of Seven Dreams. “The instruments have a long lifespan, but they only have a certain lifespan, especially when students in grades 4 to 12 use them. They become hard to use.

Along with new instruments, the Foundation hopes to expand the music library to include more diverse composers as well as partner with music professionals to collaborate and bring artists in residence to schools. They hope to raise $50,000.

If you would like to help raise funds for this cause, the annual Bird Bash gala is scheduled for April 9th. Learn more here.

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