The musical instruments of the Dayak community serenades the night “Sound of Borneo”


(Seated from right) Jackery Hillary, Lau, Kong and others posing for a group photoshoot.

SIBU (May 14): “Sound of Borneo” live performance show this Sunday, May 15 at Mak Borneo restaurant here will be an enjoyable evening filled with the interpretation of soothing music from traditional musical instruments of the Dayak community.

The event, jointly organized by Junior Chamber International (JCI) Mandarin Sibu and Sibu Dayak Art and Culture Association (Kemada) is open to the public and runs from 7:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

JCI Mandarin Sibu Organizing President Qooway Lau said the event, sponsored by Mak Borneo, Sarawak Fruit Enterprise and Pelawan MP Micheal Tiang, will also include other fun programs and fundraising for Kemada.

Meanwhile, Kemada President Jackery Hillary Chukan said the main purpose of the night’s show was to showcase the beauty of playing Dayak musical instruments and as part of the association’s efforts to preserve tradition as well as to expose young people to Dayak music, arts and music. Culture.

“Among the traditional musical instruments we will play during the night are ‘ruding’, ‘sape’, ‘belikan’ and ‘gendang pampat’,” he said.

JCI Mandarin Sibu President Alex Kong was also present at the press conference.

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