The music school responds to several needs in the community


Pandora’s Musical Box tutors are, left to right: Verrick Erasmus, Bradley Felkers, Elviro Vrolik and Lance Alley. Photo: provided

SOME kids need a sense of belonging, some need something to eat or something to wear, and some just need some extra help mastering a certain skill.

These are just a few of the opportunities offered by a local music school, Pandora’s Musical Box, located in Gelvandale and now also in Schauderville.

This organization not only offers music lessons but is also involved in various community projects such as the Cupboard of Grace, through which they help those in need.

They also offer nutritional cuisine and help with youth development, life skills training and additional math lessons.

Project leader and piano teacher, Verrick Erasmus, said the inspiration behind Pandora’s Musical Box was the children in their region and the lack of interest in social development in the country, as well as the lack of support social needs in the region.

“We opened on January 17, 2010; however, we celebrated our 10th anniversary this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. What sparked the idea was that there were too many kids running around and being undisciplined and there were very few people offering affordable music lessons at the time,” Erasmus explained.

“We offer music, social responsibility, child readiness classes, occasional math classes and also a Cupboard of Grace. Some students use music as a subject in school and they come to us for extra help,” he added.

“People should have a place to go for help, to eat and there is a lack of jobs. People should feel free to come to us when they have difficulties. For this reason, we opened the Cabinet of Grace because it is there to help those in need.

He added that anyone from anywhere on the subway can join. Children must be at least five years old to start music lessons.

He mentioned that while music students must pay a minimum fee based on household income to cover tutor stipend and other expenses, those in need of the Grace Cabinet and families who receive packages food and meals, do not. pay the fees.

Currently, Pandora’s Musical Box has four tutors: Erasmus (piano), Elviro Vrolik (guitar and bass guitar), Lance Alley (violin) and Bradley Felkers (saxophone, silver flute and piano).

They also plan to open another branch, this time in Kariega, during the first week of November.

“It will mean growth for the organization and moreover, it will establish us even more in the metro, but above all, we will be able to reach more children and families,” Erasmus said.

Pandora’s Musical Box can be contacted on 041 457 1696. More information is also available on Facebook and Instagram.

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