The lab rocks Blackwood with musical instruments, lessons and more!


The Laboratory is an independent music store that opened this year in Blackwood NJ. They offer the sale and rental of musical instruments (and accessories), music lessons for all ages and repair services!

They are located in the Wawa Shopping Center on the corner of Somerdale Rd and Chews Landing Road. Right across from the Chews Landing fire station.

The Lab Musical Instrument Store is open in Blackwood NJ on Chews Landing Road and Somerdale Rd.

The store offers guitars, amps, pedals, synths, keyboards, recording and sound equipment, microphones and drum equipment. Literally everything you need to take your music experience to the next level!

They also offer an online store, and any order over $29 ships within the continental United States for free. Details

Le Laboratoire: Independent Store With A Selection And Amazing Prices

The Lab is locally owned and run by musicians! People who love music and play so much, they wanted to help others in their own dreams of creating and performing music.

I recently met owners Aaron and Farrah Barbarics, as well as store manager Stefan Hojnacki. The team gave me a tour and preview of the new store, as well as a tour of their adjacent music lesson space.

Farrah, Aaron and Stefan from The Laboratory music store in Blackwood! Great people who really know the business… whatever your question about musical instruments, drop by and ask. They will be happy to help you.

All three are musicians themselves, involved in several local bands and musical events in South Jersey.

Aaron is the founder of the Lab and has been a guitarist for over 20 years. He has a lifetime of experience in the music retail business and previously ran a lab in Deptford for 10 years!

Stefan has been with The Laboratory since 2010 and as Aaron says…. “he is our MVP”. Stefan is also an instructor who teaches guitar and ukulele.

Amplifiers with Marshall, Vox and more! At the Blackwood NJ lab

There is a LOT of knowledge about musical instruments with the core team, with decades of experience selling instruments… and playing instruments too!

Which has allowed Aaron and Stefan to put together a truly impressive product selection that covers all your musical needs with the best brands at the best prices…without the cavernous size of a warehouse store.

I had a good time with the Laboratory team during my visit. Aaron, Stefan and Farrah are super nice people who know a lot about the musical instrument business and more. If you have any questions about a product, a problem, a concert gear need, or even a repair…contact them and I know they’ll be happy to offer help and suggestions.

Their goal is to know their customers and provide them with the best advice and customer service…while providing an amazing musical instrument buying experience.

From picks to pedals, from audio equipment to guitars… the Laboratory has it all!

The back wall is reserved for guitars… electric, acoustic, bass. And yes, even a nice selection of ukeles!

The Blackwood Lab offers guitars for beginners and seasoned pros alike, including custom designed models!

You can find something for an entry-level player all the way up to the high-end gear used by touring professionals…like Ethereal and Knaggs guitars!

A wide selection of Marshall amps lines the center aisle of the store along with other brands. You can choose a smaller practice amp or go all the way up to power amps to power your next big outdoor performance.

Keyboards and synths are on display along with live sound and recording equipment…mixers, speakers and more.

All your musical needs are covered at the Blackwood Lab, even guitar strings, picks and drumsticks

And of course the full menu of smaller consumables including drum sticks, guitar strings and picks are available as well as cables.

Don’t forget to check out the selection of guitar pedals. I mean seriously, a guitarist can always use one more pedal!

You know you just need one more guitar pedal! The Lab in Blackwood NJ

Musical instrument lessons at the Laboratory

The Lab has taken up several suites at the mall, and one store down is the music lesson space.

The suite has been divided into several private classrooms.

A window adjacent to the Laboratory houses their private music lesson space!

Absolutely, if you’re taking lessons on a more portable instrument like a guitar, you’re going to bring your own…and they have amplifiers you can use.

And for bigger instruments like drums or keyboards, they are available in private lesson rooms.

Currently, the lab’s website lists four different instructors covering; Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, double bass, piano and keyboard, drums and trumpet

They are constantly adding additional instructors and instruments, so be sure to contact the lab if you have any questions.

Learn a “bigger” instrument like piano or drums? Don’t worry because they have already settled in the Blackwood NJ Laboratory

Rentals – Everything!

Every piece of equipment is available for rent. It’s true. Any guitar, pedal, amp, cymbal, snare, synth, bass, whatever. We have low rates for a weekend or a week

The Laboratory website

That really says it all!

Well, except for the costs.. but that can vary greatly depending on the equipment and how long the equipment is needed.

A mix of new and used equipment is available, and you can also RENT! Planning a larger one-off outdoor show and don’t have the sound equipment to fill the space? Check with the Lab team in Blackwood NJ as they can probably help you!

Due to these nuances, the Laboratory requires rental requests to be processed in person at the store.

The Lab team can also provide the complete live sound setup and professional audio technicians for your next event.

Links and location

The laboratory
12 Somerdale Road
Blackwood, New Jersey



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