Terje Isungset makes musical instruments from sculpted arctic ice

Acoustic instruments that we think are largely made of wood, strings, gut, metal. Terje Isungset has spent decades making music with ice cream.

Here is a great intro from May 2019:

A recording from May 2, 2019 in Spitsbergen/Svalbard.
All video and sound/music is recorded at 10 degrees below Celsius, on location, under Spitsbergen’s friendly midnight sun. It has been an honor to work with Greenpeace to focus on “our” oceans and try to find a way to save the unique life that is there.
Many people worked on this project. Many thanks to master ice sculptor Bill Covitz, thanks to musicians Andreas Hesselberg Hatzikiriakidis, Åshild Brunvoll and Maria Dahlin. Thanks to the whole team on the Greenpeace boat – the people trying to make a difference. Respect.

Please remember:
We need nature.
Nature does not need us.

Terje Isungset: composer, concept and idea of ​​ice music.
Bill Covitz: ice sculptor.
Dale from Norway: clothes.
Studio Broen/Anders Bjelland: mixing.
Duper studio: mastering.
All ice records – Norway.

To listen to the song: go to iTunes/Spotify etc.
Also check out the annual Ice Music Norway festival!

And yes, this set travels. Here is more explanation:

The composer is also busy now working on new glacier recordings:

For more of that kind of sound, you can also check out the album label he runs, All Ice Music.

The instruments to me are already mind-blowing – and a sense of how transformative materiality can be in instruments in general, however you compose the results. (I would be in for a lot of experimental takes on this notion…)

Thanks to @antiquedigital today for the story suggestion.

Top photo: Knut Bry https://tinagent.com/photographersdirectors/knut-bry/bio

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