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Over the past decade, a Tampa carpentry shop has taken center stage in creating smaller, eye-catching string instruments.

Tucked away in a spot just off Waters Avenue is a carpentry shop that creates magic. It’s not the magic that comes from a potion or a genie in a bottle, this place creates the instruments that many musicians use to create this type of transformative musical magic.

Luna Guitars was started in 2005 by the visionary of a professional stained glass artist.

“We started with a lot of instruments that had historical artwork like paintings on them,” Adam Gomes, brand manager of Luna Guitars. “We floated the idea of ​​laser engraving them, but we didn’t just do the front of the instruments, we also did the back.”

LILY Veteran guitar instructor creating a memorial instrument for fallen service members

He started gaining notoriety in 2010 for his wooden guitars and banjos, ukuleles and cajons.

“When we started we noticed there was a lack of guitar options for women. Fast forward to today and a lot of people are looking for that smaller guitar,” Gomes said. “We came out with acoustic guitars that had thinner necks, smaller necks, and lighter bodies.”

Lighter wooden guitars are easier to transport and use, making them friendlier to any musician.

“We have really unique ukes. People love the designs,” Gomes explained. “It inspires them to create and keep doing what they love.”

Each instrument is handcrafted with this ease of operation in mind.

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In the video, FOX 13 showed performer Aubrey Wollett using a Luna-made guitar and a Luna-made ukulele. Her music can be found on her website at www.AubreyWollett.com and on her social media pages.

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