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The budding young musicians around Tallmadge have a new place to receive private singing lessons, as well as a variety of instruments.

Harmonize Studios, owned and managed by Julie Bozic, graduated from Tallmadge High School in 2002, has been open since May and offers vocal, piano, advanced vocal and acoustic guitar lessons.

The new course studio is located in suite 34 at 137 East Ave. in Tallmadge.

“I’m looking to offer a few more things as the need arises in the community,” said Bozic, former music teacher at Barberton, Akron and Nordonia schools.

After teaching in public schools for around 10 years, the Tallmadge native decided she wanted to teach smaller groups and individuals.

“I’ve always wanted to do this,” she said. “I decided that I really wanted to participate in more one-on-one lessons. You have the opportunity to interact with these students even more, seeing this ‘ah-ha’ moment.”

Although Bozic has a lot of classroom experience, she said she has also offered private lessons in the past.

“I have been teaching music from home for about 10 years,” she said. “I decided I wanted a real studio where I could grow up a bit. Tallmadge is a very important community to me. There are some very supportive families that I have had over the past 10 years.”

Bozic said he remodeled the retail space, adding bold colors with five practice rooms, space for parents to relax during standard 30-minute classes, and a small stage-like area where students can. train for more important performance.

“We have big rooms and smaller rooms depending on the instrument you’re learning,” she said.

The studio was supposed to “feel like a comfortable environment where people could sit and stay with the students, a place where they could relax, have a cup of coffee and relax”.

Bozic gives voice and piano lessons and has contracts with other musicians to provide other instruments.

These additional instructors include Kayleigh Angelo, a violin instructor; Henry Foraker, who teaches advanced singing; Jennifer Gillilan, who offers guitar lessons; and Ryan Evans, a percussion instructor, according to the studio’s website.

Over the summer, Bozic said he offered camps for two different piano camps, one for pop music fans, the other playing more classical pieces.

During the school year, she said she hopes to work with area schools to offer lessons to enrich the experience of young musicians.

For more information on the new course studio, visit harmonizestudios.com or contact Bozic at [email protected] or 234-678-9787.

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