Taliban ‘condemns television to death’, destroy dozens of musical instruments


After Kabul defeated the radical Islamist faction of the Taliban, the group assured the Afghans “freedom” and that there was “no need to flee the country”. “Have no fear,” the Afghan television presenter of a political debate program told the audience as at least eight armed Taliban men surrounded him LIVE on camera. Now the so-called Taliban who promised freedom of the press and “no threat” to the television crew has been seen forcing a man to take an oath to “never watch television again”. And then the Taliban sentenced a television to death.

The incident occurred Wednesday, December 29 in Afghanistan and shook the Afghan population. The now-viral footage, first shared by Pakistani journalist Hamza Azhar Salam, tours the internet and shows members of the Taliban terrorizing households across the Central Asian country that was evacuated by US troops in August on the orders of President Joe Biden as his foreign policy demanded that US forces stationed in Kabul finally abandon the 20 Years War and “come home.”

“Not allowed in Sharia”

In the spooky video, the Taliban are seen enforcing strict Sharia law for governance after the political takeover forcing a man to take an oath that he would never watch TV again. This is allegedly due to the belief among Islamist extremists that it is not permitted under Sharia (Islamic law) to watch television. Taliban men are seen smashing a television and destroying dozens of musical instruments, including the harmonium because it is “haram” [forbidden] in Islam. Pakistani journalist Hamza Azhar Salam, who first shared the footage, appeared to normalize behavior by stressing that “things may change in the future.”

While the Taliban’s act has not been condemned, Salam reiterated that the incident was similar to what maulvis [Islamic religious scholars] practiced in Pakistan. “They were also against television, radio and other forms of entertainment before they jumped on the bandwagon and now enjoy these platforms,” ​​he said. “The Taliban could do the same in due course,” he wrote, sharing the disturbing images. It remains unclear whether the destroyed musical instruments were picked up from music stores across Afghanistan or whether the owners were also punished.

As one of the Taliban men smashed the instruments, smashing them against the ground, other armed forces were seen applauding and filming the entire incident. In another footage, the Taliban is seen harassing an Afghan man to promise him that he would no longer watch television, then they destroy the set in what is reported to be a “field court” where the television execution took place. place. The Taliban have apparently passed judgment and sentenced television to death.

Natiq Malikzada from Afghanistan first shared the footage, and it has now sparked a widespread reaction. The Taliban refer to television and other forms of entertainment as “haram” or anti-Islamic, although they do not appear to have any problems with social media or the Internet.

Taliban Upload Videos to YouTube, Slam Facebook for Restricting ‘Right to Free’ Expression and Expression

As the Taliban besieged the country following the US withdrawal, a faction spokesperson posted at least five videos on his official YouTube page celebrating and congratulating each other. Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, co-founder of the Taliban, was featured in a video as he posed in front of senior officials in a curtained office. The hard-line Islamist faction has also established its presence on social media and slammed Facebook [now Meta] CEO Mark Zuckerberg for removing user accounts linked to the Taliban. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid denounced the fact that Facebook denigrated the “right to freedom” of speech and expression of the Islamic group.

Mujahid complained that he could not post to Facebook and Instagram photo sharing app. But the Taliban have expressed strong resentment against the Afghans for using modes of entertainment prohibited by Sharia law. In September, shocking images also emerged from the National Institute of Music in Kabul as the Taliban destroyed musical instruments, including pianos and drums. They also allegedly broke into the headquarters of an all-female orchestra and caused the destruction of musical instruments. The footage was posted by singer Aryan Khan on his now-deleted Twitter account which showed a damaged piano and shattered drums.

Under the Taliban, music and entertainment are prohibited, and women are not allowed to work or study, and are only allowed to leave the house when a male relative is accompanying them. Students and staff at the Afghan National Music Institute (ANIM) and other music schools fear for their lives as their premises have become “silent” since the Taliban takeover.

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