Stories saver for Instagram and stories downloader will rock in 2022


If you are an Instagram user or doing business on this social network, you need to know more than the Instagram app itself. There are special tools that will allow you to get much more from this site. However, not many people know about these tools, so it can become a competitive advantage, especially if you run a business on Instagram.

For example, in this article we will talk about two useful tools that allow you to save instagram stories even when they disappear after 24 hours.

The Story Downloader is one more tool that will allow you not only to view stories anonymously, but also to download them. It is a must-have service for collecting exclusive videos and photos from celebrities, bloggers, and other users who have professionally produced content.

These materials may not be available to your target audience, especially if you follow private accounts. So your goal is to constantly monitor relevant content on the topic.

You can provide a service to your target audience by not producing content but simply collecting the most exciting unusual and engaging stories from other users! The main thing and the rules of this method – you need to select exactly those users who could potentially be in the area of ​​​​public interest. For example, if your product is a fitness class, you can get workouts and nutrition tips from other Instagram fitness coaches. It can also be indirect content that is not related to your product but can cause a lot of reactions from your audience. An example of this can be based on the socio-demographic characteristics of your customers. If the majority of your audience is made up of people over 30, you can make a selection of the most popular sneakers that were popular in their youth.

By doing this, you will collect a lot of reactions to the stories. As you can see, for the content plan, you don’t need to film, just find the actual images, videos and other files from many other Instagram accounts. Essentially, Instagram is a network that morphs into a phenomenally huge cloud of content that often doesn’t fall out of your audience’s sight – but can be interesting.

Therefore, your help in collecting important stories can be relevant and appreciated by your audience.

What is a Story Saver for Instagram and how do I use it?

You probably didn’t know such a tool exists and thought that a story is deleted from the app in 24 hours.

In fact, each story is a separate media file which is stored on the server for a period of time. However, to keep users in the Instagram app longer, access to stories is valid for 24 hours, so you have a reason to open the app every day and not miss any updates from your friends.

But there is a tricky way to avoid constant monitoring – you can safely postpone the phone for seven days, the story will remain in the memory of the service.

Since the actions of such services require memory on the server, this tool will be paid. However, it can be very handy if you are an Instagram account manager and constantly need stories from certain users. Or you run an Instagram news account where you also review the latest trends.

How this service works:

Select a few accounts that you want to monitor right now. There is no limit to monitoring a certain number. The more accounts you need, the higher the payout can be. You must ensure that these Instagram accounts are public. That is to say that any Internet user can open these accounts.

You will not be able to follow people whose profile is private. After specifying these accounts in the service, it will start downloading all story updates – in the literal sense, it is a tool that saves stories for a long time.

After disappearing in the application, an archive will be available in your account on this service. From this archive, you can both view all stories and download them – either each story one by one, or the whole archive. This is also very convenient and will allow you to get a lot of diverse and exciting content that you don’t have to produce yourself.

Story download tutorial

When you need more streamlined functionality, such as viewing stories anonymously once and downloading multiple stories, you can use downloaders. These tools allow you to view and download stories anonymously, without registration and for free – up to three stories per day. If you want to receive content on a regular basis, make your choice in favor of downloaders.

All in all, it is important to choose proven tools, the most popular moment is Inflact. It offers both free and simple features.

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