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“It’s surreal but also nice to come out and show what we’ve been working on”

Spielbergs has just released his second album “Vestli” via Big Scary Monsters.

A moving, catchy and heart-pounding collection of pop-punk and indie-pop belters, it showcases the band’s incredible talent for heartfelt songwriting. It is through the brotherhood, respect and love for what they do that such an album has been possible, and it sets them up for an exciting rest of the year and beyond.

To find out more about how it’s made, we caught up with guitarist Mads Baklien and drummer Christian Løvhaug…

How does it feel to be at a point where you have a new album out in the world?
Christian: “It’s amazing because there was a time when this band could have ended because of the pandemic we’ve all just been through. It’s surreal but also nice to take it out and show what we’ve been up to. Being able to play gigs again is also special. We’ve been locked in our rehearsal space for over three years, so it’s a relief to be able to come back out there and do what we do best.

Fools: “I was quite anxious about the release in many ways. But being able to release it and focus on playing the songs for a while is incredibly exciting. There’s a big difference between being in the studio and making an album and then go out and play this album live. But I can’t wait to see where it can take us in the future.

Where would you say the first tracks on the record started to come together?
Fools: “Writing a song is something we always do. We originally planned it when the pandemic hit, but once they were gone the album became the focus. The weekend, everything stopped, we were already in the studio to make the first songs that appeared on the album. In many ways, the pandemic has given us more peace and quiet to focus more on them. Of course, it took a lot longer than expected, but I feel like we did our best with the time and circumstances given to us.”

Christian: “It also gave us a lot of time to reflect. In everything that was stopping, and because 2019 was so busy, I felt stressed until we realized how much things were slowing down. Having to stay at home. inside and not doing much in life, in general, gave me time to review everything we were doing and not have any outside pressure to get a whole album done and ready to go.”

Was this slowing down reflected in the way the songs ended? Considering you had a bunch of good ideas to follow that were written down when you were going 100 mph, did shifting gears change the way you looked at what you were working on?
Fools: “It’s hard to consider that, really. Our motto in the band is ‘It’s what it is’ that bleeds into everything. I don’t feel like that philosophy has ever been affected by the circumstances we found ourselves in. This band I started out by having ideas, developing them, and then doing them. On the first album, there was very little pressure. Maybe if things had been at the same speed there would have been a lot more pressure this time around but there wasn’t because of everything we had going on so that’s why it was pretty much the same , which we probably wouldn’t have expected otherwise.

Christian: “It was a very basic approach in the end. Write the songs, beat them and record them, like we did in the beginning.”

What were the topics and feelings that you found and also came back to a lot with these new songs at the time?
Fools: “We talked about it a lot in the early stages of writing. We thought about how we could try something completely different, but we wanted the approach to be the same as we started, but just better. Writing really good songs that were better than the last time we tried it. No matter the ideology or style, just make sure the songs are good. We really are an adventurous band. We wrote a lot of different types of songs throughout our career, but this time when we made our deal with Big Scary Monsters, they preferred the rockier songs we had.”

Christian: “The firecrackers. I feel like that makes things a little more concrete.”

What do you think the fact that the band is something to focus on in the most difficult times means to you?
Cristian: “At one point, I found it very difficult to motivate myself to even go to rehearsal. But knowing that we had a desire to do something new and to do something better took me away from sitting still and binging Netflix. It was always in the back of my head. Then when we got together on Friday nights and had a few drinks, when we could just be guys sharing our experiences of how screwed up everything was, it served as a gentle therapy sessions This support network was only possible because of the group.

To have that out there, not only as a man band but also as alternative music fans, is so important. Having a space where you can share these things without judgment or worry is so necessary, and you need to stick to it…
Fools: “I agree. I also think that, for me, I am an emotional volcano. I have never felt the need to bottle up my emotions for anything. But that also means that a small group of people in my life can have these experiences. fireworks of emotion. She’s my girlfriend and my band. We’ve had this space from the very beginning. We fight and argue, but we’re also best friends. The therapeutic part of our relationship for me, however, really comes from playing our songs, and it’s a non-verbal way of expressing ourselves to each other. We all exist on that same plane.

So how’s it going again? How do you sum it up?
Christian: “Truly amazing. Our first gig since 2019 was back in March. Usually when we haven’t played a show for a long time, I’ll be super nervous. I’ll be almost shaking. When we played that show, which was in Oslo, it was so natural. I could never have felt calmer than that night. All I knew was that I had missed it so much. So being able to share new songs, but also relearn the old songs and going back to where we were before is special. But the energy and the connection that we have on stage, and then giving that energy to the audience, is something that only we know how to do. I have the impression that we communicate better through our instruments than we normally do sometimes.”

Fools: “I remember in 2019, when we came back from a UK tour and played a few gigs in Oslo, and for the first time, we felt powerful and strong. I thought that would have maybe gone after the pandemic. But playing again now, I feel like we had that powerful feeling again from the very first note. I’m surprised that we still have that connection, and like we didn’t never stopped being on tour.

And what are you most proud of in this whole process?
Christian: “I haven’t considered the pride side of it all. But I’m proud of the moments on the album that show we’re not just a band that writes two-and-a-half-minute pop-punk songs. We can give different aspects and little moments of change from time to time.”

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