Sound Check Studios in Milwaukee offering free bonus music lesson

2020 was supposed to be a big year for Sound Check Studios, with the company moving to a new location after making music since 2013.

“After two weeks it was pretty obvious we had to do something other than sit around and wait for the restrictions to be lifted,” said Michael Grassman, owner of Sound Check Studios.

Thanks to various virtual realms that students have access to, Michael and his instructors continue to jostle with students.

“I always say it’s a good time to learn because you have time at home. I’m home hours a day training and making videos. I’m just trying to improve myself in things that I haven’t had time to do before, ”says Michael.

That’s why, even during tough times, Sound Check Studios offers a free lesson in addition to their usual specials.

“With the virtual domain, we label a free lesson just to get the ball rolling and then get the first four lessons special for $ 50,” says Michael.

They will also try to work with you to spread the joy of music.

“I have a new student right now who we’re also renting out with and I’m dropping a drum kit for them at their door just so they can practice for the first four lessons,” says Michael.

For parents who believe their child is walking to the beat of their drum, this is what Sound Check Studios is all about.

“Seeing their joy when they focus on what they want to learn is a big part of our mentality to teach the student what they want to learn. Don’t force-feed them with things they don’t want to learn. they don’t care, ”says Michael. .

So whether you have a future rock star or a future Mozart, Michael and Sound Check Studios has an instrument for you.

Get more information on their website here.

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