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4:00 PM October 20, 2022

Brass is needed for a new initiative that will help develop the next generation of young musicians.

Trumpets, tubas and horns are among the orchestral instruments students are encouraged to learn to play.

Staploe Education Trust, which runs four schools in the East Cambridgeshire area, has partnered with the Soham Comrades Band for the project.

Known as ‘Brass Roots’, it was launched at the end of September with a performance at the Soham Pumpkin Fair.

The Staploe Trust wants to offer its students the opportunity to learn a brass instrument and has partnered with the Soham Comrades Band for this initiative.
– Credit: Stanhoe Education Trust

Research has shown that learning to play an instrument provides a child with many benefits, from improving academic skills to developing discipline and self-confidence.

And the trust is keen to provide all students with the opportunity to learn any musical instrument, especially a brass or other orchestral instrument.

Another goal of the project is to raise enough funds to buy instruments for an entire age group in its primary schools and to involve whole classes in brass sessions as part of the music curriculum.

Music lessons will be free and accessible to all students.

Gemma Perry, Music Director of the Staploe Education Trust, is also asking for donations of old brass instruments that are no longer played.

Meanwhile, to engage the wider community, Soham Comrades Band is building a training band open to beginners of all ages willing to learn and play with other aspiring musicians.

Last year marked its centenary and the band are looking forward to returning to Soham after recently rehearsing further afield.

Soham Comrades Band

The Soham Comrades Band is building a training band open to beginners of all ages who want to learn and play with other budding musicians.
– Credit: Staploe Education Trust

The Soham Pumpkin Fair was held on September 25th at Soham Village College and funds raised from the event were donated to ‘Brass Roots’.

A spokesperson said: ‘Brass Roots was the sole beneficiary of proceeds raised at the Pumpkin Fair and those involved in the project felt incredibly honored to have been chosen and supported by the local community.’

In addition to the launch of the project and live music, visitors were invited to try playing an instrument.

There was also a performance by the Staploe Samba Band in the main area.

Staploe Education Trust operates Weatheralls Primary School, Shade Primary School and Soham Village College, in Soham, and Kennett Primary School, in Kennett, near Newmarket.

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