Sample-Based Instrument Design Course Now Available on Soundfly

Online music school Soundfly has teamed up with Son Lux founder and bandleader Ryan Lott to launch an in-depth new course exploring Lott’s unique approach to creating emotionally captivating music starting with instruments. personalized numbers. “Ryan Lott: Designing Instruments Based on Samples” is available today as part of Soundly’s subscription library for creative music lessons.

Fresh off the release of his widely acclaimed score for the A24 hit “Everything Everywhere All at Once” (composed in collaboration with bandmates Son Lux), Lott explains how he achieved his signature “otherworldly” sound. “by building and modifying digital instruments to create music animated by unobtainable sounds.

In his first-ever online course, Lott explores the techniques he uses to identify the sounds that will make compelling digital instruments, recording and processing those sounds to their fullest effect and turning them into a custom virtual instrument. using a digital audio workstation, Native Instruments ‘Kontakt, and a MIDI keyboard.

Lott uses these instruments as creative catalysts – starting songwriting projects with an intriguing sound, rather than a traditional melody, harmony, riff or groove. Students will not only learn the technical elements of building instruments, but also how to radically transform their compositional process with new inspiration and a new approach to writing and arranging.

Lott is a frequently sought-after collaborator, in part for the way he uses the interplay of familiar and new sounds to evoke intense emotion in audiences. He has worked with new musical ensembles, including Grammy-winning Eighth Blackbird, Third Coast Percussion and yMusic, as well as dance companies and choreographers Stephen Petronio, Travis Wall, Gina Gabney, Jodie Gates, Ballet de Lorraine, Ballet X and the National Dance Company of Wales. His work on feature film scores includes “The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby” and “Looper”, among others. Pitchfork recently called Son Lux’s score for “Everything Everywhere All at Once” a “total achievement in ingenuity.”

Ryan expressed his excitement about sharing the techniques from the course, saying, “When you can design your own sounds from scratch, you unlock that whole new potential to move forward. I hope people come away with a new set of skills that will continually bring new creativity to their music.”

“Ryan Lott: Designing Instruments Based on Samples” features 40 videos and over 70 lessons, plus graphics, demos, activities, downloadable learning materials, samples, and access to Soundfly’s Slack community , where students can ask questions and get feedback on their work.

The course is available today at

About Soundfly:

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