Riyaz – the library of musical instruments inaugurated


Bhopal: Riyaz – the Musical Instrument Library was opened at Baithak – The Art House, 10 No. Market, on Tuesday for music lovers.

It is the first musical instrument library of its kind in the city. Around 30 rare Indian and Western musical instruments are on display in the public library. They include Rudraveena (rare), Vichitraveena (rare), Surbahar (rare), Saraswati Veena (rare), Israj (rare), Sitar, Tabla, Esraj, Taanpura, Harmonium, Dholak Flamenco, Classical Guitar, Ukulele, Spanish Cajon and Spanish Castanets. Author Santosh Chaubey opened the library.

Art House member Ranjit Nikoshe said that it is a public library and it will be extremely useful for music lovers and students to easily access, learn and play these instruments of music free of charge.

He added that “Art House students will be allowed to take instruments outside for display, but foreigners can do Riyaz sitting here.”

They bought most of the musical instruments while some of them were donated. Some of the instruments are Art House students, he said.

About the idea of ​​the initiative, Nikoshe said that when learning music, there were many people who couldn’t learn just because they didn’t have money to buy music instruments. music. “At the same time, there are people who learned music for a few days but later left out of disinterest. We inspired these people to donate their musical instruments, especially a rare instrument. They must be made to order and there are few people playing them,” he added.

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Posted: Wednesday February 23rd 2022, 00:14 IST

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