Ringo Starr Receives Honorary Degree from Boston Music School

BOSTON (AP) — Ringo Starr finally traveled to Boston on Thursday to receive his honorary degree from Berklee College of Music.

The school originally announced that the Beatles drummer would receive a Doctor of Music degree during launch ceremonies in May, but Starr was unable to attend and instead addressed the graduating class in a recorded statement.

But with Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band in town for a show, the school held a special ceremony Thursday to honor his lifelong contributions to the music scene which included performances of Starr’s hit songs, arranged and performed by Berklee students.

Starr, 81, told how he started playing drums when he was 13 and was very ill and someone brought percussion instruments to the hospital to keep him busy. He was addicted.

“I just wanted to be a drummer from then on,” he said at Thursday’s ceremony. “It was my big dream and it’s still happening. I can play with great guys, like the band here. lead.”

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All Starr Band drummer Gregg Bissonette and Berklee President Erica Muhl gave opening remarks.

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