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Kolhapur: The Musical Instrument Festival – Maha-Taal – ended on a high note on Saturday night with the magical performance of Indian classical musician Ustad Taufiq Qureshi.
The festival had been organized by Maharashtra, the ministry of cultural affairs of the Khasbaug maidan Mn Kolhapur, to celebrate the centenary year of the death of Rajarshi Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj. About 250 rare and different musical instruments have been exhibited at the site which has also seen exciting performances by renowned international musicians.
Minister of State for Cultural Affairs, Amit Deshmukh said, “Several events are being held in Kolhapur on the occasion of the centenary of the death of Rajarshi Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj, whose contribution to the field of arts and sports is invaluable. An exhibition of rare musical instruments and live performances by renowned artists from the music industry were offered to citizens through this event. This program will be renewed in December in Kolhapur.
On the first day of the event, May 5, Pandit Rakesh Chaurasia brought magic to the night with his flute performance. Folk singer Mame Khan performed ‘Mame Khan Rocks and Roots’. Before that, a performance of 200 folk musicians was also made.
On May 6, famous percussionist Sivamani mesmerized the audience with his drums and other instruments. Before its performance, 200 artists performing traditional music of ‘Halagi’ and ‘Sambal’ caught the attention of the crowd. The audience was regaled with the performance of Madhur Padwal and other artists from the Folks Wagon Band.
On Saturday, the program started with a full audience at the maidan in Khasbaug where a tribute to musical instruments was performed by the team of artists Chondke and Dhol.

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