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KOCHI: The heavy downpour that hit the city continuously from Saturday evening to early Sunday morning flooded low-lying areas, destroying properties and causing misery to residents of many residential settlements.

Kalamassery, Karekamurry, South Station, P&T Colony and Udaya Colony were among the areas most affected by the heavy rains. The district administration moved many people to temporary relief camps which were dissolved on Sunday afternoon when the waters receded.

Kalabhavan, the city’s prominent art and music institute, located behind Ernakulam town hall, saw water entering some of its ground floor rooms where musical instruments were kept, damaging some keyboards and guitars.

KS Prasad, secretary of Kalabhavan, said many musical instruments were damaged. “The initial estimate puts the total loss at several hundred thousand dollars. The instruments that were destroyed are keyboards, guitars and percussion instruments. All of these musical instruments are powered by electricity and we believe that the circuit boards could have been damaged after being soaked in water,” he said.

Furthermore, he added that until 11 a.m. on Sunday, the ground floor rooms of Kalabhavan were submerged under a foot of water. Actual losses can only be estimated in the next few days after checking all instruments.

“It’s a phenomenon every year. But this time, the rain caught us off guard. We didn’t expect to have such heavy rain in the middle of May!” said Prasad.

But the situation is not unheard of for residents or traders in Ernakulam Northern Circle, Kalamassery, KSRTC, Karekamurry, South Railway Station, P&T Colony and Udaya Colony where every year rains flooded these areas.

“The authorities must take action to resolve the problem,” said Sherin CA, a mother of two who lives at VK Thakkappan Road in Kalamassery with her sick mother.

“We have lived in this residential area for 36 years. But the problem of waterlogging has gotten worse in recent years. Before, the problem was never so bad. But now the situation has become unbearable,” he said. she declared. I’m scared when the monsoon sets in.”

Sherin said that all the water from nearby areas flows to our settlement where more than 12 families live. “Why should we be the ones carrying other people’s dirt and grime? ” she asked. Sherin is a widow who makes her living running a chicken shop, which was also flooded. “I stayed up from 3 a.m. on Sunday. The water kept coming.”

Fearing the worst, she called District Collector Jaffar Malik. “He assured us that a fire and rescue team would be dispatched soon. But no one came until 11 a.m. What if my mother, who has a heart condition, had fallen ill in the meantime? Who would come to our aid?” she asked.

Rajesh G, a resident of Vidya Nagar in South Kalamassery, said residential areas of South Kalamassery including Vidya Nagar, Alfiya Nagar, Arafa Nagar, Pottachal Nagar, Kalamassery Town Hall Nagar, Kummenchery Nagar and Manathupadam Nagar were flooded by the night rains. “This is due to the decrease in width and depth of the Pottachal Channel,” he said.

“I have been living in Vidya Nagar for 25 years. However, the problem of flooding started about four or five years ago. It happened after water from different canals in Kalamassery and nearby areas was directed to the Pottachal channel The channel on the side of the Thrikkakara temple is also connected to it and the water flows into the Edappally channel,” he said.

Rajesh said rainwater usually takes 30 to 45 minutes to move away from the area. Now it takes 7-8 hours. “Two factors contributed to the clogging. One was the reduction in the width of the Pottachal Canal and the other was the fact that no clean-up campaign was launched to clean up the silt, dirt and debris. debris that had blocked much of the canal,” he added. added.

Opening of relief camps

Ernakulam District Collector Jafar Malik said some areas where the waterlogging has been reported are KSRTC Stand, Karekamurry, South Railway Station and P&T Colony. “Generally, these areas are flooded when the rain persists for a long period. and the other at Thrikkakara North, have been opened,” he said.

After the rains have passed since Sunday morning, the camps could be closed in the evening, Malik said.

As for the cleanup campaign, the collector said the administration is doing its best. “We will check with the Company and the municipalities if any areas have been overlooked,” Malik said.

In the case of the clean-up campaign in Kalamassery, the administration requested a response from the municipal president regarding the delay. “I asked them to start the cleaning campaign tomorrow. They will finish in five days,” he said.

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