Preparing your budding musician for success (and fun!)

Do you want your child to learn the beauty of music? Kidding Around had a lively conversation with Theresa Case, owner of Piano Central Studios, about why any time is a good time to learn – and do! – music.

Do you remember the first time you heard music? I can’t. He played an important role in my life. Like many parents, I started singing and playing music for my children before they were even born. Music is all around us! We attach memories to music, play music at school, make friends for the love of music, and even mend a broken heart by playing sad songs on repeat. There is no hesitation: music plays a major role in life.

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All ages enjoy music at Piano Central Studios

Music is for everyone. If you have a baby who lights up when he hears music or a child who asks for lessons, Piano Central Studios is their place. Maybe you are an adult looking for a hobby or have decided to take up the violin again. Great!

Do you have a child with special needs? PCS instructors, many of whom are trained as musicians and educators, partner with families to determine how your child will best learn and thrive in music lessons.

For all students, the mission of PCS is to nourish hearts and minds with creating music for life.

7 reasons to explore music lessons

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Theresa Case has gotten to know thousands of families and seen their respective relationships with music evolve over the years. While there’s plenty of research on the benefits of music education for children and families, Theresa is uniquely positioned to see it in action every day. It doesn’t matter if she is young or old, she believes that music is good for the soul. it can be a place of respite in difficult times and an expression of joy in happy times.

Music helps our body to function differently. Playing music improves hand-eye coordination and listening skills as your body brings the notes to life.

Music makes the brain work harder. Research suggests that playing music can actually change the brain! It improves memory, listening skills, ability to concentrate and is even correlated with improved academic performance.

Music builds community. A musical instrument fits in almost every hand. And everyone has a voice to sing. When people get together and make music collaboratively, it’s a happy and festive feeling!

Music boosts self-confidence. Whether it’s mastering a difficult song or overcoming stage fright, music shows students they can do the hard things.

Music develops a unique creative path. Music provides an opportunity for self-expression, and just like the pages of a great book, it can serve as a personal escape.

Music brings comfort. Several PCS students said their music lessons helped them through the pandemic. Music provides comfort and an outlet during times of stress.

Music brings joy to life. The music accompanies us. Whether it’s getting lost in a melody or bringing it to life with friends on stage, at home or in church, it truly is the soundtrack to our lives.

4 tips for beginning musicians

You invest time and money in music lessons. You want your child to succeed. Here are some practical tips to help you along the way.

It’s not difficult, it’s new. Music is fun! But sometimes the learning process is hard and doesn’t seem like fun. My child’s teacher often says, “It’s not difficult, it’s just new. It’s a phrase I’ve adopted in my own teaching and pretty much everything in life. Learning something new takes time and practice. It will take more than a month or two of classes for your child to figure out if this is something they want to pursue. Commit to the process and give it plenty of time before you decide it’s not good for your child.

Practice fills your toolbox. The skills we learn in practice are the skills that fill our toolbox. We use these tools when we are playing music, playing or just enjoying our instrument, aka “the fun part”. If we don’t develop these skills, we’ll run out of tools to use and have a hard time having fun. If your child is frustrated, take a look at their practice time. Consider sticker charts to motivate or built-in rewards for completing specific skills or completing a course book, such as a fun movie score book to play in your student’s free time.

Piano Central Studios - Strings

Don’t try to use lessons to motivate practice when your child is struggling. “If you don’t practice, you won’t have a class”, won’t work. When kids are struggling, it’s hard not to have fun. When the going gets tough, we’re often ready to give up. So much can be learned by persevering, and not just with music. This is how all the hard things in life happen. Do not abandon.

Practice a little each day. Did you know that muscles have memory? They don’t remember things for very long without repetition. This means that 10 minutes of daily practice is far superior to an hour just before a lesson. Small chunks of practice are simply easier to digest and bring less frustration. Consider integrating it into an already established routine. Breakfast finished? Go practice for 10 minutes before you make your bed. As your student becomes more proficient and needs more practice time, it is actually more beneficial to find a few extra minutes later in the day rather than extending the session.

Music lessons available at Piano Central Studios

PCS is a cornerstone of the Greenville music community, with a staff of more than three dozen teachers, two studio locations, a community location at Bob Jones University, and two on-site school locations. First opened in 1979, it is the oldest and largest music school in upstate. They teach more than piano, including but not limited to:

  • Kindermusic lessons
  • String lessons (violin, viola, cello)
  • Brass lessons (trumpet, French horn, trombone, euphonium)
  • Wind instrument lessons (flute, clarinet, saxophone, oboe, bassoon)
  • Percussion lessons
  • Guitar and ukulele lessons
  • Singing lessons
  • piano lessons
  • School-based music lessons during and after school at Bob Jones Academy and Christ Church Episcopal School

Piano Central Studios is recognized as one of the best Kindermusik programs in the world. Kindermusik is a great way to introduce your very young child to music. For new beginners, PCS group lessons for ages 6-9 include Studio Singers (vocal lessons), Studio Ukes (ukulele lessons), Studio Strings (violin lessons), and Studio Windstars (woodwinds and horn). Music lessons are offered privately from age 6 to adult.

Piano Central Studios - Piano

Take the first step OR the next step on your musical journey

Now is the time to register! Autumn is the perfect time to start Kindermusik lessons, group lessons or private music lessons, but you can enroll at any time of the year. Learn more and register online today!

Piano Central Studios has studio locations at:

  • 757 North Pleasantburg Drive, Greenville
  • 1622 Woodruff Drive, Greenville
  • Bob Jones University, Greenville

Contact Piano Central Studios at 864.232.5010 or [email protected]

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