Petworth Town Band: how to join and what instruments they play


It is one of the few traditional groups in the city of West Sussex.

For many years the group has performed under the direction of conductor Martyn Streeter and music director Paula Streeter.

Martyn Streeter said: “We welcome any musical instrumentalist and currently the band includes brass, cornets, trumpets, horns, euphoniums, trombones and tubas as well as saxophones, clarinets, flutes and of course. percussion. “

Music from the town of Petworth

The group currently has 30 members. There is no age limit, but over the years the starting age has become younger, many starting around ten, with its oldest members in the 70s.

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Martyn said: “Members come from all over, but we are firmly rooted in the community of Petworth and are proud to lead the annual Remembrance Sunday Parade and participate in other local events.

“In addition to our two annual concerts, we also perform at parties, Cowdray Gold Cup Polo, private parties and corporate events.”

The band provides all music, uniform, tuition, and membership completely free to members.

He can also provide brass instruments on loan for free, all they ask in return is that the members regularly attend rehearsals and engagements that take place throughout the year.

He said: “We have a popular and diverse repertoire of traditional music and marches, film and television themes, old favorites and modern melodies.

“We are a friendly and inclusive bunch and welcome new brass, woodwind and percussion players of all ages and abilities.

“Our chairman, Lord Egremont, in conjunction with the National Trust, is providing the group with a room above the stables at Petworth House, adjacent to Church Lodge, Petworth, where we practice every Monday evening from 7 to 8:30 p.m.”

The group expects everyone who joins the group to be at the 3rd grade level, but Martyn said if enough people were interested they would be willing to run classes to teach people from scratch without previous experience.

“The members of the Petworth Town Band are such a welcoming and helpful bunch of people and no matter what your level is you can experience great satisfaction and pleasure from performing to the best of your ability,” said Michelle, who plays the Petworth Town Band. Euphonium.

Petworth Town Band can also be booked for a variety of engagements.

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