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After a year in the making, a new collection of percussion instruments was recently installed, creating a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere in the Benjamin Logan Elementary School outdoor recreation.

Cole Carpenter, Heavy Equipment Operations Instructor, along with several Career Technician students from Ohio-Hi-Point Career Center completed the installation with support from the Benjamin Logan Buildings and Grounds team. Carpenter shared, “The students really enjoyed this amazing project!

The District’s FY22 Title IV-A student support and academic enrichment funds were allocated to activities that support comprehensive educational opportunities such as improving access to education artistic and musical.

General Music Teacher Tyler Young and Gifted Intervention Specialist Amy McCormick collaborated with Director of Administrative Services Sally Stolly on the grant to support student success by promoting constructive student engagement in relation to music and the arts.

“The percussion play set encourages community engagement and promotes imaginative and inventive play,” Stolly said. “We hope our parents and our community will stop by the playground to check it out.”

The installation features a set of five drums in different tones and brightly colored designed for all ages and skill levels. Rainbow Sambas allow kids and adults to create unique songs and beats, with drums suitable for music lessons, playtime and outdoor school performances. Other uses for drums may include music therapy and group playing.

The long strings of bells channel the joyous energy of this instrument’s namesake, the butterfly, with the incredibly bright and ethereal tones of the Papilio. Shaped like a floating monarch, this set of tubular bells allows two to four players to strike the chimes at once, creating a glorious harmony of bells that carry the wind. Tuned in the key of C-Major, pentatonic nature tones are upbeat, soothing, and therapeutic for listeners and players. With a tonal range from middle C to C7, the Papillon spans an impressive three octaves. Kids and adults alike will love Papilio’s inclusiveness; there are no false notes, which means even toddlers can play with confidence and the design is ADA-accessible.

The small pair of percussion congas produce deep, soft sounds that are both relaxing and invigorating. This Congas set offers a unique and engaging musical experience. These visually stunning drums are ADA accessible, making them an inclusive choice that will foster community and creativity for kids and adults of all skill levels.

The Conga Trio of jubilant drums completes the installation. The Conga drum is a tall, narrow, single-headed African drum that produces soothing, deep sounds that stimulate the senses, encourage people to dance, and elevate the playground.

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