New Neilston Development Trust choir with music school

A COMMUNITY choir has been launched in Neilston which hopes to reconnect residents and lift morale through music and song.

Passionate singers of all ages and skill levels are welcome to sign up for the new group, which is led by the Neilston Development Trust (NDT) in association with Diane Mitchell Music School.

The first session took place on November 10 at The Bank’s NDT base and in the future, meetings will be held every other Wednesday between 7pm and 9pm.

Jennifer Carroll, NDT program coordinator, told Barrhead News: “I first posted an article on our social media page during the lockdown, asking if anyone in the community would be interested in being part of a Neilston Community Choir.

“I was amazed at the huge response. It was clearly something that a lot of community members wanted to get involved in.

“The goal of the choir is for everyone to attend, regardless of singing ability, age or background, with a focus on fun and improving health and well-being. mental.”

Music school principal Diane runs classes in Paisley and Barrhead, where she currently gives private lessons in piano, violin, guitar and brass at the town’s St Andrew’s Parish Church.

Locally, she also offers an Additional Support Needs (ASN) course, Musical Adventurers, at The Bank, which is a combination of singing, playing instruments and sensory activities.

It is hoped that the funding will soon make it possible to offer this free or at a reduced rate to residents of Neilston.

The new choir is her latest venture in the region and will replicate the inclusiveness of the Renfrewshire Community Gospel Choir, which Diane helped start at Paisley in 2016.

“During the pandemic the Renfrewshire choir shut down and the numbers dropped, so we had a meeting afterwards to see what we were going to do,” she explained.

“I had been in contact with NDT and they really wanted a choir so with the music school involved in Barrhead and now having a base in St Andrew’s I thought that would be great.

“I put him on the Paisley Choir and with only a handful of us left they were eager for us to take this route. There are 10 that will be coming from Paisley and we will be doing a variety of repertoire material.

“I think with the pandemic people are still very low so hopefully this will be a good way to blackmail people again, appreciate it and build their confidence. Hopefully we can eventually perform in local venues. ”

The cost is £ 5 per session with block booking available. To register, send an email to [email protected]

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