Nearly $10,000 worth of musical instruments and gear stolen from Chicago band – NBC Chicago


A Chicago band seeks help to make music again after a pretty devastating hit.

Student Body musician David Paige said nearly $10,000 worth of equipment and musical instruments had recently been stolen.

The robbery took place Jan. 2 in the 800 block of North Rockwell in Humboldt Park, according to Paige and Chicago police.

The musician explained that the equipment, which included specialized microphones and an iPad, was stolen while he was pulling items out of his car for a party.

“We started noticing things were missing and realized that the last time we had seen any of these items was on my birthday when I brought them into the apartment,” did he declare.

The theft only adds to the problems that Paige and her bandmates have faced, especially with regards to the coronavirus. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the band to play in smaller venues, which means they have to show up with all their own gear.

And now those objects are gone.

“Because we were already a stand-alone company, we were able to focus more on this effort with our sound with our lights and everything that goes with it,” said Stephanie Paige, wife and teammate of David Paige.

David Paige says the renters insurance won’t cover the loss because their insurance agent said they were taking advantage of the time to make money.

“The impact is much more than just the fact that some things were taken away from us,” he said. “It’s the emotional impact. It’s quite substantial for us.”

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