Native Instruments launches SESSION BASSIST — PRIME BASS in collaboration with Drumasonic

Berlin, February 16, 2022 – Native Instruments today launched SESSION BASSIST — PRIME BASS, the latest addition to their range of KONTAKT-based instruments, created in collaboration with Drumasonic.
PRIME BASS delivers the classic sound of one of the world’s most iconic electric basses, captured from an original 1981 cherry sunburst solid body bass guitar made in the USA. The new instrument brings a session bassist into the studio, with an iconic ’70s-style playable bass that features over 350 patterns across 81 song presets, covering a diverse range of performance styles and techniques.

The expanded and fully versatile electric bass features two dedicated instruments, one for patterns and the other for combining pattern presets with melodies, providing full tactile expression. PRIME BASS is meticulously sampled to capture every performance nuance, including original single-coil pickups and a rosewood fingerboard that lend authentic warmth, punch, and sustain to compositions. PRIME BASS comes with vintage model tone controls and a range of amps and cabinets, including two new KONTAKT bass amp additions – Bass Invader and Bass Pro.

PRIME BASS perfectly complements the instruments in the SESSION GUITARIST collection, allowing users to build their own basslines and solo melodies. The instrument offers everything you need to create soulful fingerstyle grooves, pick-picked pop basslines, catchy funk-infused slaps and everything in between.

The overview video below takes a look under the hood to walk through some of the key features of the instrument.


PRIMES BASS is available from February 16, 2022 on the Native Instruments online store.

99 EUR / 99 USD / 13400 YEN / 89 GBP / 149 AUD / 129 CAD / 104 CHF / 799 CNY

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