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The sale of Native Instruments FM8 is raging on Plugin Boutique! Native Instruments FM8 is a detailed recreation – and also a redesign – of the FM synthesis engine of the venerable Yamaha DX7. It’s compatible with the original hardware patches, but more importantly, it offers a nice and structured approach to FM sound design. Frequency modulation is generally difficult to understand beyond the basics, so any thoughtful way to simplify the process is greatly appreciated!

Sale Native Instruments FM8

Our affiliate partner Plugin store teamed up with Indigenous instruments to bring you FM8 at a historically low price of $10. The offer will last until September 6, 2022. That’s a lot of time to consider spending ten bucks on what some consider to be the last word on virtual FM synthesis. Admittedly, FM8 has been out for quite some time (in the plug-in years). But it’s considered classic, rather than obsolete for many good reasons.

Along with its well-researched interface and features that you can grab from any YouTube channel or decent music production course, FM8 offers 960 presets and features like FM Matrix, Arpeggiator, Flexible Envelopes and patches directly from old Yamahas.

The sound design process is divided between the “easy edit page” and more detailed parameter adjustment possibilities. Macro commands are also available to quickly adjust more complex settings. When it comes to sound quality, the FM8 is crisp and lush, capable of all the bells, keys, bass and lead sounds you’d expect. It also comes with plenty of built-in effects to expand its sound shaping possibilities.

Native Instruments FM8 for sale at Plugin Boutique

FM8 will be on sale for only $10 until September 6, 2022 (instead of 149 USD). The offer is available exclusively from our affiliate partner Plugin Boutique*:

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Sale Native Instruments FM8

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