NAMM 2022: Melbourne Instruments unveils its Nina synth, which comes with motorized encoders

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NAM 2022: Nina’s motorized buttons we were talking about synth city ​​as the NAMM Show approaches, and now we’ve had the chance to see them in action and learn a bit more about the hardware they adorn.

From Melbourne Instruments – a company based in the Australian town of the same name – Nina is a 12-voice analog polysynth featuring variable-shape triangle oscillators. This means you can continuously morph between triangle and sawtooth waves to create new sounds.

Other features include a 4-pole transistor ladder filter with modulating resonance, voice-level filter saturation, digital wavetable oscillators and sampling capability. There is also a modulation matrix, digital effects and multitimbrality.

Really, though it’s those encoders that are the big story, as they allow for a recallable and automatable control panel. In a bid to reassure potential customers of their longevity, Melbourne Instruments dubs them “zero wear”, adding that they offer the feel and precision of analog pots.

Nina will soon be coming to Kickstarter. You can sign up to be notified when this is on the Melbourne Instruments (opens in a new tab) website.

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