Music School Reaches New Heights with Expansion of Technology and Staff

A NEW Ross-based music school that has remained active and relevant to its members for the past 16 months has expanded its offering.

abrina Hanrahan founded the Hanrahan School of Music in 2007 as a piano and flute teacher. She was left on her own until 2019, when her former student Jessica Howard started teaching on Saturdays.

“Since the lockdown, the school has undergone so many changes,” Sabrina said. Determined not to let the school stumble, she has dramatically improved the technology within the school to ensure that everyone can continue their music lessons.

Within a week of the announcement of the first lockdown, all classes had passed online.

“We might have started with lessons using our phone screens, but the technology has grown and grown so much that we now boast that we have a system that has been copied by other teachers around the world. This technology has been a huge asset to the school, and we will continue to incorporate it into our teaching.

The school is about to embark on its biggest change to date, having hired three professional teachers: Calum McGavock (BaMus Waterford), Doireann O’Carroll (BaMus Waterford) and Anita Dwyer (BaMus Trinity), teacher in guitar, ukulele, violin, classical flute and, of course, piano.

“The school now offers private lessons, in pairs and in groups.

“In addition to Jessica, we are also adding two other student teachers to meet the massively high demand for piano lessons.

“We are also very excited about the morning classes that we now offer to older students who cannot always find time in the afternoon or evening. learned to play something ‘an opportunity to learn. Morning lessons are for guitar, violin and piano.

Sabrina said she is very proud of the new teachers she has hired.

“They understand my vision for the school and how I want it to grow. They are all so excited to start in September.

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