Music school in Arvada teaches more than just playing notes

Deeply Rooted Music School uses innovation to create a community of well-rounded musicians.

ARVADA, Colorado – An independent after-school program called Deeply Rooted School of Music (DRMS) captures the ears of music students in the Denver metro area.

Former Jeffco public school music teachers Joel Zigman and Sam Goodman founded DRMS ​​because they were looking for a space where they could be more creative with their lesson plans.

“We challenge traditional music education that is really repertoire-oriented and focused on reading music and playing the right notes,” Goodman said. “It’s something that taught us the joy of music with Joel and me.”

“I want this to be a student-focused program,” Zigman said. “So I want my students to come up with their own goals and their own things that they want to do, and we kind of build around that. “

Goodman has a musical background in playing the classical violin, and Zigman comes from the composing and writing side of music. Both teach piano, guitar and songwriting as part of their curriculum.

The aim of DRMS ​​is to provide a space where students can express themselves freely and have access to high quality music technology and education, they said.

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“Today you really have to be a complete musician,” Goodman said. “In our professional lives as musicians, we master our instruments, but we also use a lot of technology (and) we create all the time, so I think it’s huge to be able to have it all under one roof. “

DRMS teaches approximately 50 students how to write, perform, and record music in a motivational-based space. Zigman said he named the classrooms after the musicians and artists they admire.

“We have the Robert Moog rehearsal room, who was a pioneering mathematician and creator of synthesizers, the John Coltrane room, and we have the Joanie Mitchell room,” Zigman said. “It was important for me to present my students with role models that look like them, or a diverse set of models, so that they don’t just see Beethoven and Bach or even the Beatles. “

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According to DRMS, music is a vehicle for self-expression, confidence, discipline, innovative thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as behavioral and emotional growth.

Goodman and Zigman have said that the creative thinking and expressive skills developed in music education are invaluable assets in the workforce and in academic success.

“You don’t have to be a virtuoso on your instrument or be able to play something perfectly, just find a place for the music in your life,” Goodman said.

What a highlight for our students where ‘I can be strong in front of a lot of people’, and I think that this self-confidence, this self-esteem, there is really nothing that can replace that in the performing arts. scene, ”Zigman said.

The two co-founders agree that they want to become complete musicians who want to learn more than just notes.

“I think all this exposure to music in general and music education has been huge, and I think the kids love to come and see everyone and be able to come and record in the studio or watch a class going on. in another room, ”Goodman said.

“I want them to feel that they have an identity as a musician,” Zigman said. “And this music is a safe place they can go.”

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