Music school accepts cryptocurrency for lessons

Edinburgh’s Morningside School of Music is Scotland’s first music school to accept cryptocurrency as a payment method for music lessons.

The music school responded to the suggestions of its students

The music school said it was responding to suggestions from its students and believed the payment format would eventually become the norm.

Morningside Director Linda Boyd said: “Some large companies around the world are already doing this, so it is only a matter of time before small companies like ours start to do the same. It’s just about offering our customers another way to pay and making their lives easier.

Many of the school’s adult students work in the growing fintech industry in Edinburgh and have suggested paying for their music lessons with cryptocurrency.

The FinTech industry has been on an upward trajectory in Edinburgh since 2019. FinTech Scotland, which operates in conjunction with the University of Edinburgh, recently received a grant of € 22.5m (€ 30.9m dollars) to establish a Global Open Finance Center of Excellence in the city. , in recognition of its status as a leading national fintech cluster.

Cryptocurrency involves a digital transaction of virtual money exchanged over computer networks and it is estimated that there are over 100 million cryptocurrency users worldwide.

“Cryptocurrency is here to stay”

The Morningside School of Music had previously used cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, to make business purchases. Principal Linda Boyd said, “We sometimes use things like Bitcoin to pay for goods for school, so we know how quick and easy it is and we want our music students to be able to do the same. Cryptocurrency is here to stay and will eventually become a routine way for people to pay for services of all kinds. ”

The Morningside School of Music has 700 students and has recently invested in technology to increase its online music lessons. The music school offers a range of music lessons including guitar, bass, piano, vocals, drums, violin, saxophone, music production, and music theory. Classes are available for all levels, from complete beginners to advanced levels. Technology has made it possible for students to enjoy professional music lessons from the comfort of their own homes.

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