Music by Indian instruments to replace horns: Gadkari

Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari, while fighting for alternative fuels, said on Thursday that the government would soon come forward with a proposal to replace vehicle horns with Indian tunes.

In Mumbai to launch Brihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport’s (BEST) new air-conditioned electric double-decker buses, which are also the first in the country, Gadkari said: “Steps will soon be taken by the Ministry of Roads and Transport in this regard. so that the noise pollution on the roads will be reduced and instead of blaring horns there will be melodious music by Indian instruments coming from the vehicles. He said electric vehicles are cost effective compared to diesel vehicles.

Gadkari, along with Shinde, Assembly Speaker Rahul Narvekar, BMC Commissioner IS Chahal and BEST General Manager Lokesh Chandra, inaugurated BEST’s new buses, BEST’s premium bus services and a mobile application for the public lighting management system on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of BEST.

Gadkari also advised BEST to electrify all buses so that its losses would be quickly covered. “The government should think about using hydrogen. Flex motor trains started. Also, the ethanol car will be launched next week. Most of these cars are made in Maharashtra. If Mumbai’s taxis and auto-rickshaws run on electricity or flex motors, it will help reduce pollution. It will also reduce travel costs,” he said, adding that Maharashtra should take the lead on electricity, ethanol, methanol, biodiesel, bioCNG and green hydrogen.

“Maharashtra should send proposals for ropeway, ropeway, funicular. No less than 165 such programs have been approved across the country. A double-decker bus that works on water and air can be started in Mumbai by putting a cable car peeler from Nariman Point in Mumbai, like in the Philippines.

“When I was a minister in Maharashtra, I built more than 55 air bridges in Mumbai but today they fall short. I feel like I made a mistake so I should have build double or triple layer flyovers. I request Shinde ji to build a three-story flyover in Mumbai,” he said.

Gadkari also said that just as all kinds of bus facilities are provided in the city, BEST is also expected to work on a water taxi which can reach the new airport by sea in 17 minutes. “The necessary approval will be taken by the government,” he said. While talking about the ongoing Delhi-Mumbai expressway, Gadkari said he wants to allow motorists to reach Delhi in just 12 hours from Nariman Point. He said 70 percent of the road works have been completed.

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The Union Minister also requested the Maharashtra government to exempt GST on cement and iron used for the construction of the Versova-Virar sea link in Maharashtra which will link the highway allowing traffic to pass through the suburbs north of the city. Shinde assured Gadkari that his government would do the necessary.

He also asked BEST that discounted bus passes, which are currently only given to SSC and HSC students, be extended to college students as well.

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