Musial gives a music lesson at the Polish Saturday school


by Nancy Liskiewicz Weigand
At Msgr. Students at the Adamski Polish School in Buffalo study the Polish language, but many times a guest they may have visiting the school adds to the learning.
On Saturday March 4, 2022, Professor David Musial added to the experience at the Polish school. Professor Musial grew up on the East Side of Buffalo. Little did he know at the time that learning to play the organ at age 10 was actually going to start his career.

He told the class that he owed this debut to his organ teacher, Jane Liskiewicz Pfeifer at Precious Blood Church in Buffalo. Since then, he has participated in many projects. Musial is a prolific producer and performer who has performed electronic music with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, designed studios, created positive music programs for schools, recorded LPs and performed in a variety of venues. He is a member of the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame and won an Emmy Award.
More recently, he created a video called What the Heck is Dyngus Day? In the New York area they don’t celebrate Dyngus Day like we do here in Buffalo, NY. Professor Musial has teamed up with Polish Saturday School in Greenport, Brooklyn to present Dyngus Day. The teacher, Kasia Drucker, zoomed in with the Buffalo PSS and the students brainstormed what they thought was Dyngus Day.
Professor Musial told the students he was looking for volunteers to help with another video on Dyngus Day. There were a number of volunteers, so stay tuned and see what this project brings. For more information about the Polish Saturday School in Buffalo, call 716 903-3242.

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