MLJ FDN announces that the new school of music could be unveiled in 2022

The Mpakaboari Long John Foundation (MLJ FDN) has said that its music academy will soon commence operations for aspiring creators and established artists looking to learn world-class skills and advance in their careers.

This groundbreaking initiative aims to support talented musicians at the start of their professional careers in Afrobeat, Pop, R&B and World Music.

MLJFDN will welcome applications from early-career artists, regardless of instrument or genre, and aims to support them through the fragile early stages of their professional careers, helping them gain exposure within the industry. musical.

The MLJ Academy offers free, hands-on, short courses covering all aspects of music production and media production, including beat making, directing, producing, editing, sound and editing. lighting. Designed by local and overseas industry experts, the courses are designed to help music professionals improve their skills and make them globally competitive, and equip beginners with the skills they need to launch their career.

The MLJ Foundation is a global movement committed to positive advocacy – and has also connected artists and brands for music and product launches in the past. He has a lot of talent within his community and focuses on music-focused influencer campaigns.

According to the founder of the non-profit organization, Ambassador Mpakaboari LongJohn, there are many new essential and emerging artists ready to make a major impact in the music industry and they will be trained and given the necessary supports.

“We have so much talent in Nigeria and our people are ready to work. Unfortunately, very little training is available locally and most people cannot afford to go abroad for training. Our academy is meant to fill this gap and provide world-class training,” Ambassador Mpaka announced on Instagram.

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