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Over the past year, Samsung has made monumental changes to the software experience it offers to smartphone users. The Samsung Experience UI has been sobered up and evolved into the Android Pie-based One UI, which is much lighter, less intrusive, consistent, and beautiful in its own way. But aside from the major interface redesign, Samsung has also considered letting users fine-tune the experience on their flagship Samsung. Last year he released the Good Lock which is a bundle of mods for customizing UI, automating tasks, or getting the most out of it with one hand. It’s a great way to change the look or feel of your Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S9 / S9 +, or Galaxy Note 9.

NiceLock on the XDA forums

Since Good Lock is limited to Australia, Canada, Korea, Singapore, and the United States, NiceLock by XDA Senior Member serves as an unofficial alternative in other regions by helping users download and to manage the official modules of Samsung Good Lock. These official mods can be downloaded as an APK and installed manually. Previously, you could find direct download links in the NiceLock app, but this feature has now been removed due to Google’s restriction on app downloads outside of the Google Play Store through another app. To remedy this, xantrk has developed a separate NiceLock Downloader Companion for experienced Samsung users to download and manage these mods.

NiceLock Downloader Companion App Discussion Thread

NiceLock Downloader Companion makes it easy to find all Good Lock mods in one place. Currently, the download app directs users to APKMirror, but future versions will allow them to download and update mods automatically. The companion app is not available on the Play Store, so you can keep checking the feed for new app updates.

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Please note that the NiceLock Downloader Companion does not replace NiceLock but only increases it and you will need both apps to unofficially use the goodness of Good Lock.

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