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Online purchase of soccer shoes American

Online purchase of soccer shoes American

There are clear legal regulations for the renovation of properties. How it looks between tenant and owner is regulated. There are also a variety of regulations for renovation costs and how they can be covered by the owner. Here you can find out what modernizations are, how they differ from other construction measures and what is important when it comes to sharing the renovation costs.

What is the modernization measure? In reality, the problem often arises between tenants and landlords or future builders, what occurs as a modernization measure for the property? The owner can allocate most of the modernization costs to the rented area by living space. Modernize – what is included and what is not?

A few practical examples illustrate what is characteristic of the refurbishment: What about modernization measures regardless of the rental property? Especially if according to Good Finance No. 2 “non-regenerative primary energies are saved permanently or the well-being of people is increased”, it can also be a question of renewal. In such cases, the construction costs cannot be passed on to the tenants.

With these renovation measures, a landlord increases the living space. For the client, however, this means no modernization in the interests of the owner.

What does renewal or maintenance stand for?


This often leads to a conflict between the landlord and the tenant if the fees are to be charged retrospectively.

But what is a repair or renovation, the expenses of which cannot be allocated? The aim of the pure renovation is, therefore, to restore the building to its original state as before the damage. Exemplary renovation work: If a functioning viewing window is replaced by an improved one, which has more thermal insulation or better acoustic insulation, then it is a retrofit.

The tenant must inform the landlords at least three months before the start of modernization. According to Good Finance, the notification must demonstrate the start, the individual work and its expected duration, the corresponding scope of services and the expected rent increase.

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