LIMP BIZKIT’s JOHN OTTO explains his decision to start an online music school


LIMP BIZKIT drummer John Otto is preparing to launch his own online music school where his classes will cater to all levels, from beginner drummers to experts.

Said Otto“We will offer state-of-the-art technology that will give each of my students an individual experience unlike anything offered on any other platform and each student will have direct access to me.”

Talk to, Otto said how the idea for the online music school came about: “The pandemic has been an eye opener for many entrepreneurs like me. When we were all forced to stay at home, many people had to get out of beaten path to overcome limited options to continue their careers Lower operating expenses and greater customer reach make online businesses more attractive than in-person activities.

In a separate interview with Jason Rockman from Canada iHeart Radio, Otto explained his decision to launch the online music school, saying (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “I had the honor of studying with some great drummers growing up. I used to mow lawns to raise money for my drum lessons. And I got a lot of support from my parents, of course. But, yeah, one two great guys — Rick Kirklandhe was playing for Ray Charles, I took private lessons with him. And another man named Jimmy Glenn Sr. And this guy was an old school big band-slash-funk guy. He was a chain smoker pall mall cigarettes and patting my arms on a little set of practice pads. And I was, like, ‘Is this legal?’ But that was in the 80s and early 90s where you could basically, I guess, do anything. They were a great inspiration and helped me in my young musical life. And I just feel like it’s time to do it for other people. And I’ve always wanted to teach, but either didn’t have time to or I was just a little scared to dip my toe in it. But I think now is the time. It feels good, especially after quarantine kind of got me spinning.”

Go to and sign up to be notified when school is in session.

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