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A free international public registry for fine instruments is due to be launched in early 2022. Currently in beta testing, the registry is an initiative of the New York-based Si-Yo Music Society Foundation.

The register is designed as a free information resource for collectors, investors, instrument makers, buyers, sellers, researchers, insurers and artistic institutions. Each record will include the name of the instrument manufacturer, year of manufacture, photos and dimensional measurements. Anyone wishing to add information to the registry will go through a strict verification process. Si-Yo began the process with information on several hundred string and bow instruments from museums and private collections. He also works with museums, including the Museo del Violino de Cremona, with the aim of having the register as a backup archive for their databases.

“We believe it is essential to preserve and share the cultural heritage of beautiful instruments so that current and future generations can trace their legacy,” said Eva Lerner-Lam, President and President of Si-Yo. “This registry will enable the many members of the global musical instrument community to achieve their musical, educational and financial goals.”

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Founded in 1966, the Si-Yo Music Society Foundation is a non-profit international, educational and cultural organization dedicated to inspiring a global community with classical music. It keeps and lends beautiful instruments, offers musical events to raise awareness of underserved populations, and supports a list of civic artists.

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