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It’s like something out of a fairy tale! Anna Delvey, a notorious fraudster who defrauded New York’s elite out of hundreds of millions of dollars, is the subject of the Netflix series Inventing Anna. As recently as 2018, a New York magazine article about a Russian immigrant who claimed to be an ultra-rich German heiress with a trust fund of $67 million was published.

Conspirator Anna Sorokin, real name Anna Sorokin, wanted to secure funding to build a luxury art club. Scammed friends and businesses in the Big Apple out of $275,000 over ten months.

The original limited series based on Netflix articles will look at how the European got away with her get-rich-quick scheme for so long and how she was ultimately discovered. This film stars Julia Garner, well known for her performance on Ozark.

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Inventing the Anna series

Netflix’s Inventing Anna 2022 – Julia Garner as Anna Delvey

Notes- 7/10

Gender- Drama

Realized by – Shonda Rhimes

Produced by – Jess Brownell; Holden Chang; Jessica Pressler

Casts- Anna Chlumsky; Julia Garner; Arian Moayed; Katie Lowes; Alexis Floyd


When Anna Delvey (Julia Garner) is arrested and transferred to prison on allegations of multi-million dollar financial fraud, Manhattan reporter Anna Chlumsky is intrigued by her story. However, Todd Spodek (Arian Moayed) represents Anna and attempts to clear her name.

As soon as Vivian arrives at Riker’s Island to meet Anna, she finds herself captivated by her story and eager to learn more. So, despite her supervisors’ disapproval, she decides to go ahead with the piece and begins to look for other leads and sources to back it up.

She meets Val (James Cusati-Moyer), a well-known New York fashion designer. He tells Vivian about the first time he met Anna and how impressed he was with her ability to conduct herself impeccably. Then, while discussing his relationship with up-and-coming software developer Chase Sikorski (Saamer Usmani), he discusses his relationship with her then-boyfriend.

As things got tense, Anna decided to break up with Chase and go on her own as she felt he was suffocating her. So when she came up with the social club concept, she was looking for the connections and funds to get it up and running quickly.

Using Val’s contacts, she secures a group of star advisors for the “Anna Delvey Foundation” or “ADF”, which would be the name of the club she would establish. However, when Nora learns that Anna used her card for personal purchases, she quickly flees and moves on to the next victim in line.

Neff’s employer at the hotel where Anna worked started asking for money, and Anna started to do the same. After Anna paid her bill and left the hotel, Neff followed her to the door. Rachel’s colleague, Noah, also accompanied them on the trip to Morocco.

As a temporary workaround, while Anna resolves her payment issues with her bank, Rachel hands over her card to the resort in Morocco. However, when things spiral out of control, Rachel and Noah flee, with Anna following and running all the charges on Rachel’s credit card.

She gives Kacy a call and asks her to arrange a return trip for her. His attempt to stay with Kacy when he returns is rebuffed. Anna continues to avoid Rachel and explains why she doesn’t give her the money she asks for. She moves from hotel to hotel, constantly being kicked out when she cannot afford to stay there.

She completes the story, which becomes a worldwide sensation thanks to her extensive research. When Vivian is not satisfied with Anna’s explanation, she sets out to locate her parents in Germany to find out what happened. However, she returns home and abandons the story when she finds that they have long since abandoned her.

Our opinion

Unfortunately, Inventing Anna doesn’t live up to the hype surrounding it. Nevertheless, it is a source of pleasure. Its weakness lies in the way Delvey’s tale is presented: it’s framed as a vaguely feminist revenge fantasy adjacent to a patron daughter.

According to the story, Delvey does what she does because she is the product of society’s flaws – racism, classism, capitalism and all other “-isms” – combined with the understanding that the game of wealth is rigged and stacked against all of us.

He is finally ready to accept the concepts of heroism and extreme empowerment, however hesitant he may be at first. By the end of the film, when a group of reporters are practically applauding Delvey’s court wins, one thing is clear: the film wants us all to shoot for her. But unfortunately, it’s far too quick to equate these characteristics with heroism and nobility, rather than allowing its protagonist to care only about money in the first place.

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